Teltonika – 3G networks will be switched off in some countries in 2022

17. January 2022 Teltonika

The Universal Mobile Telecommunications System, the 3G wireless mobile telecommunication technology, is slowly but surely coming to the end. Some major mobile service providers have already announced plans to close their 3G networks in the coming year 2022, Teltonika.

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netFiber 9 – a remarkable outdoor switch by MikroTik

netFiber 9
12. January 2022 MikroTik

netFiber 9 is a powerful outdoor switch with SFP, SFP+, and Gigabit Ethernet. It features a powerful ARM v7 CPU, 256 MB of RAM, 4x 10G SFP+ ports, and an advanced Marvell switch-chip that can handle even the heaviest loads. The Gigabit Ethernet port is not (…)

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Success Story – Teltonika Vehicle GPS Tracking for Motorsport

5. January 2022 Success Story / Teltonika

Motorsports are popular events all over the world, including rally type ones. Faithful fans have known that there is almost nothing more exciting to watch than a competing car or motorbike running a tricky section of the track while spitting gravel and dust. 

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2022 – Varia wishes you a happy new year

1. January 2022 VARIA

For the second year in a row we moved and occupied us in a way that we had never seen before.
2021 has always had new news, pitfalls and surprises in store for us.
And yet around 775,000 children were born, around 370,000 marriages were concluded and more houses were built than in 20 years.

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Holidays, varia
24. December 2021 VARIA
Oh, how nice it is when it is Christmas! I just wish it was a little more often! by Astrid Lindgren Snow, games, soap operas - the Christmas season is here The year so far has been very turbulent again, but we remain in good spirits. Nothing brings another special [...]
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4 new releases from Ubiquiti Networks at the end of the year

new hits
16. December 2021 Ubiquiti

At the end of the year, Ubiquiti Networks is bringing some exciting new products to market. Here you will find an overview of all the new products. The Switch Enterprise (USW Enterprise) is a fully managed Layer 3 * switch. The USW Enterprise also has …

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RouterOS v7 from MikroTik – are you ready?

9. December 2021 MikroTik
RouterOS - the beating heart of MikroTik that rewards curiosity and sparks creativity. No matter how many Ethernet ports you have, what CPU you are running.. Even the smallest of routers can achieve greatness with this software. With any MikroTik device, you are getting full features. No paywalls. And now [...]
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RutOS V7 from Teltonika is there!

8. December 2021 Teltonika

Software updates are vital to ensure high-level security, optimize performance and enhance user experience. As usual, we are thrilled to announce that Teltonika Networks RutOS is updated to version v.R_00.07.01. So, we invite you to take a minute and walk through the most important highlights of the software’s latest additions and changes.

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FMB641: brand new from Teltonika Networks

24. November 2021 Teltonika

Teltonika FMB641 is an updated version of the currently most popular GNSS / GSM terminal for professional applications FMB640. Compared to the FMB640, the FMB641 has a new processor that improves the computing power of the device. Hence, it can be tailored for more specific use cases. Switchable CAN terminators enable use in a CAN network.

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Success Story – Aurora bridging 2 centuries with MikroTik

16. November 2021 MikroTik

Since its construction in 1900, the famous Russian cruiser “Aurora” has managed to survive the Battle of Tsushima, launch the October Revolution, take part in the Second World War, and finally retire. While this ship is said to still be fully operational, it doesn’t really …

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