Game presentation – All games in the Everdell world

13. March 2024 Pegasus
Streams meander around lush green hills in the picturesque Everdell valley. It has been a long time since the great adventurer Corrin Immerschweif discovered the hidden realm. Since then, a whole civilization of small creatures has been living under the canopy of the strong and magnificent evergreen tree. In the [...]
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The World of Humblewood

26. January 2024 Pegasus
Welcome to the forest of Humblewood! Slip into the roles of anthropomorphic heroes and dive into the adventure! Humblewood by Pegasus Spiele is a fantastic new role-playing game setting for the 5th edition rulebook. In the adventurous story in the eponymous forest, you embody a character from the ranks of [...]
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The world of the Imperial Miners

3. January 2024 Pegasus
Imperial Miners is the latest game in the Imperial Settlers family. It was written by Tim Armstrong (Arcana Rising, Orbis) and illustrated by Hanna Kuik (Batman - Everybody Lies, Dune - Secrets of the Houses). Imperial Miners, like the other games in the series, is a card-based engine builder in [...]
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The truth behind Djinn’s origin story

10. November 2023 Pegasus
Who hasn't wondered how a board game is created and graphically realized? Benjamin Schwer takes us on his very personal journey with Djinn. "The basic idea of Djinn goes back to a game of Trajan (by Stefan Feld) in late fall 2017. After the game, I thought about how successful [...]
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The After Us Game Guide

6. October 2023 Pegasus
In After Us, the year is 2083. Humanity has been inexplicably extinct for several decades. In this abandoned world, the apes gradually evolve. They join together in hordes and learn to use the items that humans have left behind. As leaders of each of these hordes, it is your responsibility [...]
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Role-playing adventure between past, present and future

31. August 2023 Pegasus
Two new adventure volumes for the horror role-playing game Cthulhu have recently been published by Pegasus Spiele: Halloween in 3D and An Evening with Horror. With Whispering Networks, a new campaign for the cyberpunk role-playing game Shadowrun is also now available. The new addition for Shadowrun Sixth Edition, Whispering Networks, [...]
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Escape the Black Hole

11. May 2023 Pegasus
The great adventure, fame and untold riches - all this is waiting for the Black Hole Buccaneers. In the connoisseur game, the players' task is to collect ancient collectibles from the orbit of black holes, which were dumped there hundreds of years ago as mankind's garbage for final disposal. For [...]
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Experience Dorfromantik at home

21. March 2023 Pegasus
Rippling rivers, rustling forests, wheat fields swaying in the wind and here and there a cute little village - this is Dorfromantik from Pegasus! The video game from the small developer studio Toukana Interactive has been thrilling the gaming community since Early Access in March 2021 and has already won [...]
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