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The VARIA offers you a variety of services.
Long-term planning

Optimal service for your demand management.

For a stable price calculation and planning security, VARIA offers you the option of placing forecasts.

With forecasts you can not only plan your projects reliably in terms of price, but also prevent capacity bottlenecks and delivery delays. VARIA offers you an optimal service for your requirements management

Availability guarantee

Guaranteed fast delivery of original equipment.

A missing spare part can lead to the failure of the entire network and thus cause considerable financial damage to the operators.

VARIA can guarantee continuous availability via our spare part service (SPS).

Workshops & training: VARIA Academy

Since the first customer seminar and technology course in 2002, VARIA has continuously expanded its training program. Especially with the practical training and its excellent reputation, the VARIA Academy is now an established training center for technologies from the brands UBIQUITI, MikroTik, Cambium Networks and various open source systems.

With its official manufacturer certifications, the VARIA Academy also offers the perfect way to gain professional qualifications.

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Additional Services

Dropshipment method

In order to save your own storage capacity and liquidity, you as a reseller or authorized dealer can send goods using the neutral dropshipment method. In addition to the low capital commitment for the inventory, the use of payment terms is a great advantage for you as a retailer.

VARIA takes over the expenses for logistics and guarantees you a professional service from neutral packaging to delivery to the customer by selected shipping companies.

Our discount program

Even with a low half-year turnover, you can benefit from the discount of the premium program. Depending on the sales channel, you will receive discounts of up to 30%.

You automatically participate in the bonus program and receive the discount status based on the monthly sales of goods at the end of the month. All sales made in the past 6 months in the respective shop are evaluated.

Further information can be found in the respective sales channel / shop.

Technical support

VARIA’s technical support is provided by highly trained and certified IT professionals who can provide you with the right information, assistance and instructions.

Our goal is to react quickly and efficiently to technical problems and to support you with the configuration or repair of your systems – also on site.

For companies, we also offer services for first, second and third level support.

Planning and support

Our know-how

The employees in the second-level support have the necessary know-how to resolve errors as quickly as possible, to document them and to decide when a fault must be remedied by the third-level support.

Alternatively, you can only provide assistance with troubleshooting or resolution and your own support can be worked on.

It is our goal to react quickly and efficiently to technical problems and to support you with the configuration or repair of your systems.

Shop tax free

TAX-FREE service from VARIA

With the VARIA TAX-FREE service, we offer customers from countries outside the European Union the opportunity to easily and conveniently have the VAT reimbursed for the items purchased from us. Corporate customers within the European Union also have the option of completing their purchase tax-free while placing the order.

Requirements for companies within the European Union
All you need is a valid sales tax identification number (USt-IdNr.) And the associated address that matches your order.
When you shop in one of our online shops, your VAT ID will be entered. Checked for its validity after entering or logging in and your customer account automatically converted accordingly.

Requirements for customers outside the European Union
For a later export of the delivered goods to a country outside the European Union yourself, simply use our TAX-FREE service. Further information can be found in the respective shop or distribution channel.