26. January 2024 Pegasus

Welcome to the forest of Humblewood! Slip into the roles of anthropomorphic heroes and dive into the adventure!

Humblewood by Pegasus Spiele is a fantastic new role-playing game setting for the 5th edition rulebook. In the adventurous story in the eponymous forest, you embody a character from the ranks of the bird and ground flock who defend the forest against natural and humanoid threats.

In your adventure you will experience, among other things, the uprising of the desperados, a band of exiles who help themselves to other people’s possessions. How will you deal with these misdeeds?

However, an even greater threat lurks in the background: summoned fire creatures are setting more and more parts of the forest on fire. You must stop the spread of the blazing danger and find out who is behind it?

There is a lot to discover in Humblewood forest. A few years ago, the Great Catastrophe buried part of the country in the northwest under a mountain of ash. The aftermath of this massive fire can still be felt.

New creatures that have turned to fire have made the forest their home, such as the cunning ash snakes and the ever-expanding swarms of bat-glowers.

But the population is also feeling the catastrophic effects: the loss of habitats has led to displacement, and the central high seat of Erlenherz can barely cope with the influx of refugees.

The council of the flock of birds is powerless. They and the frustrated ground crowd have therefore joined together to form the dangerous organization of the desperados, who fight for their livelihood with looting and crime.



Against this explosive backdrop, the campaign embarks on an adventure that seems almost more powerful: the earth beneath the ash hills is shaking again for the first time since the Great Cataclysm. Can we expect another cataclysmic event – and if so, can you prevent it?

Campaign and setting box

In the Humblewood: Campaign and setting box not only includes a detailed description of the distant new game world called Everden, including its gods and native races, but also an adventure campaign for character levels 1-5 and plenty of game materials to take your experience at the gaming table to a new level: Six double-sided, large-format folding maps showing floor plans and maps, and colorful cardboard stands of your characters and your opponents* ensure that you can represent the numerous encounters in the game in a colorful and vivid way.

The person and object cards in the reference card deck, which is also included, help the game master to quickly access the most important information. In addition to the box, various miniature sets are also available with which you can bring the Humblewood figures to life in even greater detail.

The five-piece sets Heroes of Humblewood, Humblefolk and Citizens of Alderheart represent the NPCs, i.e. non-player characters, and game characters, while the sets Bandit Coalition, Beasts of the Wood, Boneyard Birds and the standalone, oversized figure Aspect of Fire represent the antagonists of the campaign.

To embark on your adventure, you will need the Humblewood box and the 5E basic rules. If you are new to role-playing games, however, we recommend that you buy the basic rulebooks.

Then all you need is a group of 4-6 people and off you go! The included adventure campaign offers fun for at least ten game nights – however, the exact playing time depends heavily on how many people you are, which paths you take, how quickly you make decisions and fight battles.



The adventure will continue even after the contents of this box. The campaign and setting box is only the first of three planned boxes that describe the world of Humblewood and enrich it with game material. Another volume, the Humblewood Adventure Box, including a wide range of bonus material, is due to be published at the end of 2024. There will also be a game management screen in the Humblewood design.

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