Board game review: Skyrim the adventure game

31. May 2024 Asmodee / Hobbies & Leisure
Fus Ro Dah! With over 60 million copies sold, Bethesda's Skyrim is one of the most successful video games ever. In the open world game, which is bursting with dragons, dark undead and secret magic, you can easily spend over 100 hours fighting your way through countless dungeons, mastering exciting [...]
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Game presentation – All games in the Everdell world

13. March 2024 Pegasus
Streams meander around lush green hills in the picturesque Everdell valley. It has been a long time since the great adventurer Corrin Immerschweif discovered the hidden realm. Since then, a whole civilization of small creatures has been living under the canopy of the strong and magnificent evergreen tree. In the [...]
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Card games for two: Two is a Party!

28. February 2024 ASS-Altenburger
Whether mom and daughter, grandma and grandchild, grandpa and grandpa, best friend and second best friend (oh oh!), bench neighbor and bench neighbor, lovers and lovers: There are so many things that are wonderful to do as a couple. Which are perhaps even the most beautiful when there are two [...]
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The World of Humblewood

26. January 2024 Pegasus
Welcome to the forest of Humblewood! Slip into the roles of anthropomorphic heroes and dive into the adventure! Humblewood by Pegasus Spiele is a fantastic new role-playing game setting for the 5th edition rulebook. In the adventurous story in the eponymous forest, you embody a character from the ranks of [...]
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Success Story – Heidelbär Games is Eco-Publisher 2023

10. January 2024 HeidelBÄR Games / Success story
The HeidelBÄRen attach great importance to sustainability and it is not surprising that their commitment was honored with the Eco-Publisher 2023! In the production of its games, Heidelbär Games pays close attention to its ecological footprint and keeps it as small as possible. In this way, they can produce great [...]
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The world of the Imperial Miners

3. January 2024 Pegasus
Imperial Miners is the latest game in the Imperial Settlers family. It was written by Tim Armstrong (Arcana Rising, Orbis) and illustrated by Hanna Kuik (Batman - Everybody Lies, Dune - Secrets of the Houses). Imperial Miners, like the other games in the series, is a card-based engine builder in [...]
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Connetix – 6 Ways to Empower Children’s Play

18. December 2023 Connetix
Helpful tips for Parents and Educators to Empower Children's Play. What is play empowerment? Recently there has been a push down to include formal academic learning in early years settings. This can be harmful for kids, especially when the instruction is not age appropriate. For example, expecting a toddler to [...]
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Start sequence – A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

6. December 2023 Asmodee
In May we have Star Wars™: Unlimited was officially announced as the latest and greatest trading card game from Fantasy Flight Games. Now we are looking forward to presenting one of the first products for the game and giving you a detailed insight into the gameplay! Introduction: The spark of [...]
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Hasbro’s gift tips for Christmas

1. December 2023 Hasbro
Hasbro presents numerous highlights for Christmas that no wish list should be without. These include old classics in new variations. These not only evoke nostalgic feelings, but also provide a completely new gaming experience, such as Twister Air, 4 Wins: Battle and Jenga Maker. There are also special editions of [...]
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Ravensburger Puzzle: Experience – Tradition – Quality

23. November 2023 Ravensburger
Ravensburger has been producing attractive jigsaw puzzles of the highest quality since 1891. Their decades of experience in puzzle production and their high quality standards make the hearts of all puzzle fans beat faster. For beginners, advanced players, children and adults - there is the right number of pieces and [...]
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