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Whether mom and daughter, grandma and grandchild, grandpa and grandpa, best friend and second best friend (oh oh!), bench neighbor and bench neighbor, lovers and lovers: There are so many things that are wonderful to do as a couple.

Which are perhaps even the most beautiful when there are two of you. It’s time to celebrate the connection between two people. Regardless of whether they are in love, acquaintances, relatives – or simply live together. Because such a connection can inspire, give support, be healing and can be really fun.

So many things are more fun in pairs. Cooking is part of it, but so is eating out. Going away for a series in one go is much nicer as a couple – or going to a concert together. A visit to a museum, a road trip or making music together are all things that work wonderfully for couples, duos and other pairs.

And of course the classics of tandem cycling and synchronized swimming. Or seesaws. And you know what else goes with it? Play. Card games for two! Let’s see what’s there!


Which card games can you play in pairs?

The good news is: lots of them! Of course, more players are often possible and in rare cases even one less. But two people are usually enough. Here’s an inspiration overload for card games for two – and we’ll also explain how the games work.

Mau is quick to learn and wonderfully entertaining.

The best card games for two

If you want to play card games, why not play the best ones?

Mau Mau


Mau Mau

One of the most popular card games – and perfect for two people. The aim is to be the first person to get rid of their cards.

You play in turn and place a card with the same value or color as the top card of the discard pile.

Special cards trigger additional actions such as “Suspend”, “Pull” or “Change direction”. Whoever discards the penultimate card must say “Mau”. Mau

Stadt, Name, Land

H, I, J, K, Elemenopeh! Your knowledge of the alphabet is required here.

Stadt, Name, Land is a creative knowledge and word game that you can play wonderfully in pairs.

At the beginning of the round, a letter is chosen and everyone has to find terms from specified categories that begin with this letter.

Our version adds a good deal of variety to the classic game, because you’re quickly through with the standard categories.

But think about something you can wear with an “O”! Or something that tastes good with a “T”! The aim is to write down unique and matching words faster than the others.

Stadt Name Land


Das lustige Eselspiel


Das lustige Eselspiel

A donkey is already a very cool animal by nature. There’s only one way to make it even cooler: as a funny donkey in the form of a card game.

It is a classic discarding game in which you have to try to get rid of your cards to the discard piles according to certain rules. Whoever makes a mistake is the donkey.

Well, at least the funny donkey. The donkey receives one card from each player and also the donkey card until another person makes a mistake.

Classic games

If you want to play in pairs, you don’t always want to go through the hassle of preparation. Ideally, you just sit down and start playing. Here we have some ideas for card games for two, for which you only need one thing: a deck of cards.

A traditional card game for two players. In the game, you try to reach 66 points or more as quickly as possible by taking over your opponent’s cards and making clever announcements. Whoever has achieved this gets victory points and whoever has collected seven victory points wins the game, while the loser has the so-called Bummerl. You don’t play schnappsen on the side. A high level of concentration and strategic thinking is required. The game originally comes from Austria and of course there are slightly different variations depending on the region.

“Schwimmen” is now also available as a card game. Well, the game has been around for quite a while. But unlike paddling in the water, the card game “schwimmen” is learned very quickly. The aim is to collect cards with the same value and achieve the highest possible score.

Each player receives three cards, swaps them for unknown cards in the middle and tries to improve their hand. At the end of the round, the points are added up. Whoever has the fewest points swims and loses a life.

Anyone who then loses again is eliminated. The winner is the person who is left at the end.


Durak is a Russian card game in which you need to have a thick skin – because if you lose, you’ll be labeled a fool.

Whew! The aim is to get rid of all your cards and whoever still has cards in their hand at the end of the game is the durak. You play it by “attacking” the person to your left.

In our case, the person on your left is the same as the person on your right – because we’re talking about card games for two. Your attack can be “defended” with a higher card. So you are constantly attacking and defending and need an appropriate strategy. As well as a bit of luck.

The list could go on and on, but that should be enough to get you started. So you are perfectly equipped. So leave the TV off again, order something to eat, put your cell phone away and play cards.

All you need is a deck of cards and a second person. Grandma, grandpa, uncle, grandson, best friend, bank neighbor, roommate, …

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