Card games for two: Two is a Party!

28. February 2024 ASS-Altenburger
Whether mom and daughter, grandma and grandchild, grandpa and grandpa, best friend and second best friend (oh oh!), bench neighbor and bench neighbor, lovers and lovers: There are so many things that are wonderful to do as a couple. Which are perhaps even the most beautiful when there are two [...]
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If Sustainability, then lots and lots of Sustainability – Part 2

16. November 2023 ASS-Altenburger
Others may already stop at sustainability. Ass Altenburger is only just getting going. They make optimum use of the loading areas of the transport vehicles to generate fewer CO2 emissions. Your logistics department works with a planning tool that can optimally calculate and utilize the loading area of the transport [...]
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Hro by DC – The dawn of a new era

3. November 2023 ASS-Altenburger
The gateway to a new era awaits you! Join the Hro community, which is only accessible via our unique hybrid trading cards. Using blockchain technology, each physical trading card is unique and unlocks a digital twin, giving you 24/7 access to your collection - allowing you to buy, sell, trade [...]
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If Sustainability, then lots and lots of Sustainability – Part 1

19. October 2023 ASS-Altenburger
When it comes to sustainability, ASS Altenburger is uncompromising, committed, innovative and consistent. They know their responsibility, have high expectations of themselves and have therefore formulated a clear concept regarding sustainability. Not two or three flimsy tricks, but many concrete measures for their daily work. Really many. That's what they [...]
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