Trading card game
3. November 2023 ASS-Altenburger

The gateway to a new era awaits you! Join the Hro community, which is only accessible via our unique hybrid trading cards.

Using blockchain technology, each physical trading card is unique and unlocks a digital twin, giving you 24/7 access to your collection – allowing you to buy, sell, trade and compete with a global community of fans.

Don’t miss any of the action as the DC multiverse continues to grow!

Whether it’s physical trading cards or their digital twins, each card highlights an iconic image from the last 85+ years of DC history.

And from there, your multiverse adventures can reach ever new heights as you swap and collect different cards in search of special rewards and experiences.

The future of collecting and trading is finally here. Welcome to the unique world of Hro.

Trading card game

Brief introduction

On the back of each physical collection card is a QR code that links it to its digital twin in the Hro mobile app, which is validated and secured by the security of blockchain technology. Once the physical and digital Twins are linked, the app and web platform give buyers access to a global marketplace where they can buy, sell and trade their entire collection.

This innovative model also hosts a 360° fan engagement platform where users can compete for the rarest cards, climb to the top of the community leaderboards and unlock the chance to win special rewards.

This is how it works!

Trading card game

Forge your legacy as more maps are released throughout the year, bringing you closer to your favorite DC Super Heroes and Super Villains and the places they call home. Connect with fans from around the world as you venture into the vast depths of the DC multiverse.

Trading card game

Search for the rarest cards, rise to the top of the global leaderboards and unlock the chance to win special rewards that will bring the multiverse to life.

To get to the top of the leaderboard, you need to improve your trading skills, either directly on the Hro marketplace or, if you prefer, outside of it.

Negotiate with buyers, sellers and other traders to put together your dream range of cards.

All activity on the Hro platform is heroically backed by blockchain technology, which provides proof of authenticity and ownership for every asset, so you can trade with confidence no matter how much experience you have.

Trading card game

How to start your trading card game
  1. Download – the Hro Mobile App
  2. Scan – the QR code on the back of each hybrid card to unlock the digital twin
  3. Collect – unforgettable cards featuring your favorite superheroes & supervillains
  4. (Buy & trade – to complete your collection for the chance to win special prizes
  5. Become a part – of a worldwide community of passionate fans 24/7, 365 days a year
Card types
  • Hybrid Cards (physical & digital): Available online and in stores
  • Digital Only Cards: Available in the Hro mobile app and web platform.
What to consider

Tiers and Odds*: Each card belongs to a certain rarity level

Matte vs. Holo: Most hybrid cards are designed with a matte finish, but there is at least one guaranteed holographic card in every pack.

Mint number: Each card is unique and has a unique mint number. The lower this number is, the rarer the card is and the more points you earn.

*The approximate quotas are representative of the collection described in chapter 4. You can find details of other drops at

Trading card game

Why join Hro?
  1. With the Hro Mobile app, you can access your collection anytime, anywhere.
  2. Celebrate the past, present and future of DC, with iconic artwork from all eras.
  3. Compete in the community rankings for the chance to win special rewards.

Limited-Edition-ONLY HERE

Trading card gameContent
– 1 x Flowpack hybrid trading cards from the “Dawn of DC” collection (contains nine trading cards in 2.4 x 3.5 inch format, including two guaranteed holos)
– 1 x “Dawn of DC” Collection hybrid trading card “Mega” flowpack (contains a 3.46 x 4.96in holo Mega Card)
– 1 x link to download the Hro-Mobil app


Trading card game


Trading card game


Trading card game


Trading card game

Collect, trade, buy and compete on the website or download the app to unlock the DC Multiverse!

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