Card games for two: Two is a Party!

28. February 2024 ASS-Altenburger
Whether mom and daughter, grandma and grandchild, grandpa and grandpa, best friend and second best friend (oh oh!), bench neighbor and bench neighbor, lovers and lovers: There are so many things that are wonderful to do as a couple. Which are perhaps even the most beautiful when there are two [...]
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Success Story – Heidelbär Games is Eco-Publisher 2023

10. January 2024 HeidelBÄR Games / Success story
The HeidelBÄRen attach great importance to sustainability and it is not surprising that their commitment was honored with the Eco-Publisher 2023! In the production of its games, Heidelbär Games pays close attention to its ecological footprint and keeps it as small as possible. In this way, they can produce great [...]
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Start sequence – A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

6. December 2023 Asmodee
In May we have Star Wars™: Unlimited was officially announced as the latest and greatest trading card game from Fantasy Flight Games. Now we are looking forward to presenting one of the first products for the game and giving you a detailed insight into the gameplay! Introduction: The spark of [...]
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If Sustainability, then lots and lots of Sustainability – Part 2

16. November 2023 ASS-Altenburger
Others may already stop at sustainability. Ass Altenburger is only just getting going. They make optimum use of the loading areas of the transport vehicles to generate fewer CO2 emissions. Your logistics department works with a planning tool that can optimally calculate and utilize the loading area of the transport [...]
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If Sustainability, then lots and lots of Sustainability – Part 1

19. October 2023 ASS-Altenburger
When it comes to sustainability, ASS Altenburger is uncompromising, committed, innovative and consistent. They know their responsibility, have high expectations of themselves and have therefore formulated a clear concept regarding sustainability. Not two or three flimsy tricks, but many concrete measures for their daily work. Really many. That's what they [...]
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The Dixit Edition with magical Disney Motifs

19. September 2023 Asmodee
On our social media channels you could already catch the first glimpses of a magical project of the publisher Libellud: The Dixit: Disney Edition! In this new stand-alone game in the Dixituniverse brings together the award-winning gameplay of the Dixit-series (u. a. Game of the Year 2010) on motifs and [...]
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TIME Stories – Stories through time and space

18. August 2023 Asmodee
As an agent of the T.I.M.E Agency, you travel back in time to protect the universe and its parallel worlds from going off the rails. You and your team are sent to eliminate threats of illegal time travel. Take over as agents avatars in the past and find the temporal [...]
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Sea Salt and Paper from MM Games

Hobbies & Leisure / Hutter
Do you prefer to collect crab or fish pairs? Or are you just encountering so many penguins and shells that it might be worth collecting? A mermaid could also complement your sea collection well! In the card game "Sea Salt & Paper" we go into a colorful ocean of wonderful [...]
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Escape the Black Hole

11. May 2023 Pegasus
The great adventure, fame and untold riches - all this is waiting for the Black Hole Buccaneers. In the connoisseur game, the players' task is to collect ancient collectibles from the orbit of black holes, which were dumped there hundreds of years ago as mankind's garbage for final disposal. For [...]
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