Teltonika RUTX14 – the first LTE Cat12 device

4. August 2021 Teltonika
According to Juniper Research, 46 billion IoT devices will be connected to the internet by the end of 2021. That is an increase of 200% compared to 2016. They all use different methods like the RUTX14 to connect, but cellular communications has grown in popularity in recent years. RUTX14 from [...]
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Success Story – 1 Teltonika Router IoT preserves ancient underwater treasures

21. July 2021 Success Story / Teltonika

Although there is a lot to see in the underwater world, there are no underwater museums. One of the main problems that held back the implementation of underwater museums was related to the complicated protection of the structures. In Greece, Teltonika IoT was used for the solution.

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Teltonika – 4 major product changes

11. May 2021 Teltonika / VARIA
We would like to inform you that the labeling of the ECO packaging of Teltonika products will be done by direct printing on your technology from 19 KW 2021, instead of using stickers. The change applies to both single and multi-product packaging. It comes into force in mid-May with a [...]
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The new QuWireless antennas suitable for RUTX12 and RUT360

30. March 2021 Teltonika
QuWireless is a Manufacturer who specializes in wireless systems. All components are manufactured by them in the EU. Your employees are made up of engineers and graphic concept designers, the right team to meet high customer expectations. With their latest product update for Teltonika routers, they also present new models [...]
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RUT300 – New Industrial Ethernet Router

23. March 2021 Teltonika

Teltonika is constantly striving to meet the growing demands of customers as well as to expand the versatility of their developed solutions. Now they are adding a new product to the Ethernet & Wireless product category – the RUT300 industrial Ethernet router. The RUT300 is a small but powerful Ethernet router for demanding industrial network tasks.

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New at VARIA – 2 Teltonika routers: RUT360 and TSW110

26. February 2021 Teltonika

Although 2021 has only just started, Teltonika is pleased to offer two newly developed devices. With the RUT360 and TSW110 you can advance your IoT solutions! RUT360 is an updated version of Teltonika’s bestselling RUT240. This compact industrial cellular router offers the ability to connect to the Internet via cellular, Wi-Fi and wired networks.

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New Teltonika FOTA WEB release

2. February 2021 Teltonika
At last you can enjoy the new version of FOTA WEB. The remote management tool for Teltonika GPS tracking devices just got more powerful and convenient. Teltonika published the updated version on Monday, February 1st. You will experience a completely new FOTA WEB interface design, improved functions and improved security. [...]
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Teltonika’s 1st Telematics Video Solution – DualCam

12. January 2021 Teltonika
We are proud to introduce you to the first Teltonika Telematics video solution - Teltonika DualCam , an advanced tracker with a dual camera. Teltonika DualCam records in two directions - to the front, meaning what is happening on the road, and to the rear, meaning the driver and passengers [...]
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VARIA – what’s new in early 2021?

5. January 2021 Teltonika / Ubiquiti / VARIA
Some of the well-known companies that we are allowed to represent in Germany have made great announcements for 2021. VARIA also has big plans for 2021 We would like to complete the premises for the VARIA Academy and get started there with our training participants. We would like to briefly [...]
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RMS updates to the Teltonika Remote Management System

20. October 2020 Teltonika
With new technology like the RMS, a system is only as good as its regular updates. And at Teltonika Networks customer satisfaction has top priority. That is why they take the customer feedback seriously and are constantly working on various developments. Just recently, Teltonika made some exciting improvements to its [...]
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