Success Story – Coffee Machines of the Future

6. May 2022 Success Story / Teltonika

Revolutionary inventions have reshaped how we function as a society and as a species, but none of them would be possible without the unsung hero of innovation: coffee. A cutting-edge coffee machine malfunctioning is a serious matter, as few devices contribute to making the world go round as much as coffee machines do. So when the local barista can no longer supply people with their cup o’ joe in the morning.

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Varia – Teltonika’s Top Partner in Germany 2021

1. April 2022 Teltonika
We are proud to announce that we have been recognized by Teltonika Networks as a top partner in Germany. Because we are an excellent distributor with a worldwide dealer network. We also stand for fair trade and also offer a wide range of services. Our excellent performance in this area [...]
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Teltonika – The new Switch called TSW200

31. March 2022 Teltonika

We like to introduce a new Teltonika Ethernet switch. A switch can be a crucial element in a network that significantly impacts efficiency and quality. Switches can vary by size, number and type of ports, setup complexity, level of control, power options, and other criteria. With these pioneer devices in their portfolio, they focused on creating tiny devices that easily fit into space-limited environments.

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Teltonika – Application of the Global Connectivity Solution

30. March 2022 Teltonika
One application area of Teltonika Telematics' prepaid SIM and eSIM connectivity solution, which we have already featured, is vehicle tracking. Many transport businesses are regulated by governments worldwide. For example, lorries must be equipped with digital tachographs so that the data is sent according to a schedule; E-TOLL, modern toll [...]
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Teltonika – Global Connectivity Solution

29. March 2022 Teltonika
Teltonika Telematics prepaid SIM and eSIM Connectivity Solution leverages global mobile network to connect devices anywhere providing control over connectivity and device activation through an easy-to-use management platform. Teltonika Telematics prepaid SIM and eSIM Connectivity Solution for Things makes IoT simple. It leverages a global mobile network to connect Teltonika [...]
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Teltonika – New IP67 waterproof devices for trusted protection

23. March 2022 Teltonika
With the start of 2022, we are glad to announce a major expansion of the IP67 certified GPS trackers offered by Teltonika Telematics. We are adding six more waterproof devices to the list, including FMB225  FMB230 FMB240 FMC225  FMC230 FMM230 All the great features of the acclaimed FMx1 series devices [...]
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Success Story – Overcoming desert connectivity challenges in Dakar 2022

10. March 2022 Success Story / Teltonika

Dakar rally is a legendary racing event in the desert. Since the late 70s, it has become a phenomenon known by people across all continents, ages, and occupations. Lithuanians also love to watch Dakar, since more Lithuanian competitors started participating in different race categories.

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Teltonika – 3 new Routers to expand our Bestseller Portfolio

28. January 2022 Teltonika
In 2007, Teltonika introduced the first router based on cellular technology - RUT100, which marked the beginning of Teltonika Networks. Today we want to focus on RUT2** and RUT9** series devices. So, let’s glimpse a bit of history and see how these models became so successful. If you are somewhat [...]
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Teltonika – 3G networks will be switched off in some countries in 2022

17. January 2022 Teltonika

The Universal Mobile Telecommunications System, the 3G wireless mobile telecommunication technology, is slowly but surely coming to the end. Some major mobile service providers have already announced plans to close their 3G networks in the coming year 2022, Teltonika.

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Success Story – Teltonika Vehicle GPS Tracking for Motorsport

5. January 2022 Success Story / Teltonika

Motorsports are popular events all over the world, including rally type ones. Faithful fans have known that there is almost nothing more exciting to watch than a competing car or motorbike running a tricky section of the track while spitting gravel and dust. 

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