5. January 2021 Teltonika / Ubiquiti / VARIA

Some of the well-known companies that we are allowed to represent in Germany have made great announcements for 2021.

VARIA also has big plans for 2021

We would like to complete the premises for the VARIA Academy and get started there with our training participants.

We would like to briefly introduce you to a few special features of our suppliers. For more detailed information, we look forward to your visit on our VARIA blog!

NetModule now in our portfolio – e.g. NB800-LWWtSu-G – IIoT router

VARIA – what’s new in early 2021?The compact NB800 is the cost-effective solution for a robust Internet connection in an industrial environment. The small form factor and the reduced features make it the ideal device for simple connectivity tasks.

Its features include an LTE module for wireless internet connection, a small WLAN access point with Bluetooth LE, GNSS for location and an Ethernet port.

The high-quality metal housing, which is suitable for mounting on DIN rails, in combination with the supported temperature range -40 ° C to 70 ° C, offers the robustness that enables use in an industrial environment.

The NB800 withstands mechanical and thermal loads. This and its features make the NB800 suitable for applications such as condition monitoring, remote management and advertising.

Ubiquiti AF60-LR

VARIA – what’s new in early 2021?airFiber 60 GHz radio system with wave technology with real duplex gigabit performance for PtP connections over distances of 12 km.

AF60 LR is a 60 GHz radio designed for high throughput connectivity over an extended range. The airFiber 60 LR has an integrated high-gain antenna for high-speed point-to-point (PtP) connections with a long range. The new wave technology enables incredible long-distance performance in the 60 GHz spectrum.

Includes a built-in Bluetooth management radio module for easy setup.

Teltonika FMB140 firmware update

VARIA – what’s new in early 2021?The latest firmware version for FMB140 devices is 3/25/16. Rev. 410. The update was done to improve odometer calculations when LV-CAN is set as the odometer source.

A full list of changes and improvements can be found on the Teltonika Wiki.

Teltonika updates the firmware to ensure that the odometer data received is as accurate as possible. New orders of the FMB140 are shipped with the latest firmware.

VARIA Workshops – VSHCK and VSTRK also in 2021

This course is aimed at all those interested in setting up an internal or public WLAN that is very scalable, high-performance, built with durable hardware and central management. The MikroTik CAPsMAN HotSpot workshop offers the perfect introduction.

Whether for the monitoring of construction sites and the monitoring of wind or solar parks. Or the provision of WLAN without a DLS connection in the hotel or at concerts. With this one-day workshop, the possibilities of the Teltonika LTE technology are to be demonstrated.