Discover the Cambium Controller in 2 versions

5. March 2021 Cambium Networks / VARIA
Run a full suite of real-time wireless network management functions. Optimize system availability, maximize throughput and meet the requirements of business and private customers - with the Cambium Controller! cnMaestro (TM) is a software platform for secure end-to-end network control. The Cambium Controller's wireless network manager simplifies device management by [...]
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CloudWiFi from Frederix now in the shop – Multi Vendor. Scalable. Modular.

19. February 2021 VARIA
Frederix hotspot are experts in digitization, networking and WiFi. With smart, cloud-based WLAN technology such as CloudWiFi, you create real added value for you and your customers. As a service provider for digital transformation, Frederix provide support in the areas of strategy, customer experience, data and technology. Individual WLAN solutions [...]
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Webinars now available at your VARIA Academy

9. February 2021 VARIA

We are constantly expanding our training program and regularly offer new offers – now also webinars. You can always find our current course program here. You can register for one or more courses quickly and easily and secure coveted places immediately. In our online courses, you work on your own computer and get in touch with your trainer via video conference.

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VARIA presents: NetModule AG

5. February 2021 VARIA
the NetModule AG is a leading manufacturer of communication products for M2M and IoT. One focus is the solutions for applications in the field of transport, local and long-distance public transport and Industry 4.0. Future markets such as smart cities, public safety and sustainable energy and resource management are further [...]
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DSH5028DPX – the new 5 GHz parabolic antenna from ITElite

29. January 2021 VARIA
The parabolic antenna DSH5028DPX from IT elite works in the 5 GHz frequency band and has a gain of 28 dBi. It can be used with horizontal and vertical polarization, or + 45 ° and -45 ° polarization. It is the ideal solution for MIMO configurations. The antenna was designed [...]
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Delock – we are expanding our product portfolio

26. January 2021 VARIA
At the last VARIA Supplier Friday on November 27th, 2020 we have already introduced you to Delock / Tragant Handels- und Beteiligungs-GmbH. We have continuously expanded our portfolio since November and are giving you a product update today! Delock IoT LoRa radio modules: 12594 Mehr 12593 Mehr 12592 Mehr Delock [...]
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VARIA – what’s new in early 2021?

5. January 2021 Teltonika / Ubiquiti / VARIA
Some of the well-known companies that we are allowed to represent in Germany have made great announcements for 2021. VARIA also has big plans for 2021 We would like to complete the premises for the VARIA Academy and get started there with our training participants. We would like to briefly [...]
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VARIA wishes you a happy new year

1. January 2021 VARIA

Dear customers, dear partners, In the past few years we have enjoyed looking at New Year’s traditions from other countries with you. This year, however, there will hardly be any “normal” New Year’s Eve and New Year’s traditions anywhere. So the best thing is to keep your eyes on us. We don’t want to look back wistfully on the last 12 months with you, but with gratitude!

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VARIA wishes you a peaceful holiday

VARIA wishes you a peaceful holiday
24. December 2020 VARIA
The year so far has been anything but reflective. But that's exactly why we wish you a lot for the coming days! [zitat] The magic of this quiet time is caught in the candlelight. On a pine branch and a green wreath, he woos us in the flame dance and [...]
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F3X26Q-FL-4G: Advent calendar special for Friday

18. December 2020 VARIA
Just in time for the weekend, we would like to introduce you to a special piece from our VARIA advent calendar - the Four Faith F3X26Q-FL-4G! The 18th door in the VARIA advent calendar opens for you today: The industrial router F3X26Q-FL-4G is an IoT router for wireless communication. It [...]
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