VARIA presents: NetModule AG
5. February 2021 VARIA

the NetModule AG is a leading manufacturer of communication products for M2M and IoT. One focus is the solutions for applications in the field of transport, local and long-distance public transport and Industry 4.0. Future markets such as smart cities, public safety and sustainable energy and resource management are further focus areas. 5G is the key technology here.

VARIA presents: NetModule AG

The devices from NetModule are certified and integrate the latest wireless technologies. They offer various interfaces for areas of application in which robust communication is essential. These areas include information systems, driver communication, passenger WiFi, remote maintenance, condition monitoring and data exchange in real time.

The Swiss company, founded in 1998, has its headquarters in Bern with a branch in Winterthur. It also has subsidiaries in Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Sydney.

Robust communication – industrial products
Reliable and modular – increased efficiency through digital networking

NetModule’s products are designed for industries where reliability is a must.

Today no company can avoid digital transformation – regardless of the industry. This change also opens up new ways for your company to optimize processes, operate machines more efficiently and constantly inspire your customers with new offers.

NB800 Serie

VARIA presents: NetModule AG

NB800-LSU-G – IIoT router with LTE + ETH + USB + GNSS:

Compact and modular mobile router for connecting remote locations.

The compact NB800 is the cost-effective solution for a robust Internet connection in an industrial environment. The small form factor and the reduced functions make it ideal for simple connectivity tasks. Features include an LTE module for wireless internet connection, GNSS for positioning and an Ethernet port.

The high-quality metal housing suitable for DIN rail mounting, in combination with the supported temperature range of -40 ° C to 70 ° C, offers the robustness required for use in industrial environments. The NB800 withstands mechanical and thermal loads. This and its functions make the NB800 suitable for applications such as condition monitoring, CCTV and digital signage.

The software is based on proven components such as an embedded Linux operating system and a powerful communication protocol suite as well as VPN technologies such as OpenVPN. Customer-specific software extensions can be implemented using a sophisticated SDK.

Technical specifications

  • Cellular: 1x LTE, UMTS, GSM
  • SIM: 1x micro SIM, 1x eSIM MFF2 (on request)
  • Ethernet: 1x Fast Ethernet
  • Positioning: Multi-GNSS
  • USB: USB 2.0 host
  • Operating temperature: -40 ° C to + 70 ° C
  • Software: routing, network services, VPN, firewall, connection management, supervisor, SDK, free updates
  • Conformity: CE (RED)
  • Modularity: extensions on request

NG800 Serie

VARIA presents: NetModule AG

NG800-LWWtGd2Br2Cm – Automotive Gateway with LTE + WLAN + BT / BLE + ETH + 2x ETH-Auto + 2x CAN-passive + GNSS-DR + eUICC + IP69K:

With the advancing digitalization in everyday life, the demand for multifunctional connectivity in vehicles of all kinds is also growing rapidly. The multifunctional automotive gateway NG800 in the IP69K housing is suitable for use in harsh environments and offers the necessary robust communication between on-board vehicle equipment and cloud applications. The modular concept of software, electronics and mechanical components allows optimization for specific target applications.

For wireless communication, the NG800 integrates an LTE modem, an eUICC-capable SIM chip (MFF2), WLAN 802.11a / b / g / n (Wi-Fi 4), GNSS with dead reckoning, IMU and Bluetooth Low Energy.

Wired interfaces such as CAN, Fast Ethernet, Automotive Ethernet or RS-232 can be connected via a Molex CMC 48-pin connector.

With its IP69K conformity thanks to a thermoplastic cover and an aluminum base plate, the NG800 is designed for use in harsh environments and outside the vehicle.

The software is based on proven components such as embedded Linux and a powerful communication protocol suite as well as VPN technologies such as OpenVPN. Customer-specific software extensions can be implemented using a sophisticated SDK.

The NG800 is also the winner of the Red Dot Award 2019: The IoT gateway creates a convincing symbiosis of form and function. In this way, NG800 also sets aesthetic accents in a technical environment. ”

Technical specifications

  • Cellular: 1x LTE, UMTS, GSM
  • SIM: 1x eUICC SIM, 1x Micro SIM (on request)
  • WiFi / WLAN: 1x dual-band IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n (Wi-Fi 4), 1x Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Ethernet: 2x Automotive Ethernet, 1x Fast Ethernet
  • Serial / fieldbus: 1x RS-232 console, 2x CAN passive (read access)
  • Location: Multi-GNSS with dead reckoning
  • Operating temperature: -40 ° C to + 75 ° C (+ 85 ° C extended)
  • Environment: IP69K protection against dust & high pressure cleaning at high temperatures
  • Software: Routing, Network Services, VPN, Firewall, Link Management, Supervisor, SDK, eUICC SIM Profile Update, free updates
  • Conformity: CE (RED), vehicle (UN ECE R10, UN ECE R118)
  • Modularity: extensions on request
Netmodule antennas


VARIA presents: NetModule AG


VARIA presents: NetModule AG


VARIA presents: NetModule AG


VARIA presents: NetModule AG

NetModule accessories


VARIA presents: NetModule AG


VARIA presents: NetModule AG


VARIA presents: NetModule AG


VARIA presents: NetModule AG