TRB141 – New industrial LTE gateway from Teltonika

28. August 2019 Teltonika
Robust industrial GPIO LTE gateway from Teltonika LTE gateway from Teltonika We are pleased to present you a completely new product from Teltonika Networks to be able to introduce - the TRB141. This industrial LTE Cat. 1 gateway is equipped with multiple input and output options including digital, relay, analog [...]
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FMU130 – the new Teltonika 3G tracking terminal

21. May 2019 Teltonika
Many network operators have already shut down their 2G networks, and many more will soon. The USA, Thailand, Australia, Taiwan, Canada, Japan, Singapore and Switzerland no longer offer a 2G network. In 2019, at the World Mobile Congress, many GSM operators announced their plans to deactivate the 2G network in [...]
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GPS CarControl – vehicle and fleet management

GPS CarControl
22. February 2019 Teltonika / VARIA
In the past year, we already stayed in this blog post reported on the Teltonika vehicle tracker for the OBD-2 interface. With our VARIA GPS CarControl Services, we have perfectly complemented our product range for vehicle and fleet management. In addition to trackers and antennas, we now also offer two [...]
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Important security update for Teltonika RUT2XX and RUT5XX series

1. November 2017 Teltonika
Important security update for RUT2XX and RUT5XX series After this Security update from Friday (October 27th, 2017) for the RUT9XX series, the manufacturer Teltonika is now adding the updates for the RUT2XX and RUT5XX series. Easy update via the software The update process can easily be started via the admin [...]
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RUT9XX series – Important security update for Teltonika routers

29. October 2017 Teltonika / VARIA
Important security update for the RUT9XX series (KRACK Attack, dnsmasq vulnerability) Even if the flood of news about the security vulnerability after October 18. If it dried up again very quickly, our technicians remain busy with the topic of KRACK Attack and are in regular contact with the manufacturers of [...]
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First impression of the Teltonika RUT2xx router

8. September 2017 Teltonika / VARIA
The new 3G / 4G routers of the RUT2xx series from Teltonika are available. With the RUT230 and the RUT240, two new models are available. In the following we would like to introduce these two models to you in more detail. The RUT230 / 240 are compact, inexpensive and powerful [...]
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