3. January 2020 MikroTik / Teltonika / Ubiquiti / VARIA

Some of the well-known companies that we are allowed to represent in Germany have made great announcements for 2020.

Even VARIA has big plans in 2020. For example, we would like to optimize our returns management even more.

We would like to briefly introduce you to a few special features of our suppliers. For more detailed information, we look forward to your visit to our VARIA blog !

New FMB640 design update from Teltonika

Change: The new case is smaller. Therefore, it is easier to install the device. In addition, the front is flat. This means that all important information about the device now fits on the front. In addition, the information is now applied to the housing using laser marking instead of tampography. This helps to improve manufacturing speed, efficiency and reliability.
Validity: The changes in production will be introduced in January 2020.

The UniFi AP BeaconHD is the fastest way to expand WiFi coverage and increase throughput in your home or office. The slim design can be easily integrated into any environment and connected to a standard socket. Compared to a standard WLAN device, the powerful BeaconHD offers a WLAN range that is more than four times greater in open spaces.


  • 802.11ac Wave 2, 4×4 MU-MIMO technology
  • Over 300 Mbit / s performance via a wireless mesh hop
  • Works with UniFi APs or Dream Machine
  • Automatically recognized by the UniFi Network Application

UniFi BeaconHD Access point

F-R300 5G NR industrial router from Four Faith

The industrial router F-R300 is an IoT router for wireless communication. It uses the public cellular networks 3G / 4G / 5G to provide users with wireless transmission functions for large amounts of data over long distances. The product uses a powerful industrial CPU and a wireless module with an embedded real-time operating system as a software support platform. It offers 1x RS232 (or RS485 / RS422), 4x Ethernet LAN, 1x Ethernet WAN and WLAN. It can be connected to serial, Ethernet and WiFi devices at the same time.

MikroTik is proud to announce an update of its LTE product line for urban and rural areas. The popular LTE devices SXT, LHG, LtAP and wAP ac have been further developed. You get a cat. 6 upgrade and are also extremely inexpensive. The new R11e LTE6 modem – heart and mind of the MikroTik Cat. 6 devices (including Audience LTE6 kit!) – enables higher speeds and new features for Category 6 LTE networks.
Achieve speeds of up to 300 Mbit / s with carrier aggregation, since Cat. 6 allows devices to use multiple tapes at the same time.

MikroTik Cat. 6 product line