F3X26Q-FL-4G: Advent calendar special for Friday

18. December 2020 VARIA
Just in time for the weekend, we would like to introduce you to a special piece from our VARIA advent calendar - the Four Faith F3X26Q-FL-4G! The 18th door in the VARIA advent calendar opens for you today: The industrial router F3X26Q-FL-4G is an IoT router for wireless communication. It [...]
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Four-Faith F-NR100 – 5G Cellular Industrial Router

9. June 2020 VARIA

[: de] F-NR100 Four-Faith 5G industrial router can be used in harsh and complex factory environments. They can be connected directly to industrial systems and devices for IoT terminals for data acquisition. The massive data transfer in real time enables managers to easily grasp the production and operating situation at […]

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What can we expect in early 2020?

3. January 2020 MikroTik / Teltonika / Ubiquiti / VARIA
Some of the well-known companies that we are allowed to represent in Germany have made great announcements for 2020. Even VARIA has big plans in 2020. For example, we would like to optimize our returns management even more. We would like to briefly introduce you to a few special features [...]
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VARIA as an authorized Four Faith sales partner in Germany

6. December 2019 VARIA
We are pleased to announce our official distribution partnership with Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd. to announce. Four-Faith is a well-known registered company based in Fujian Province, China. You are known as a leader in innovation in science and technology and a supporter of Xiamen City in matters of [...]
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