6. December 2019 VARIA

We are pleased to announce our official distribution partnership with Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd. to announce.

Four-Faith is a well-known registered company based in Fujian Province, China. You are known as a leader in innovation in science and technology and a supporter of Xiamen City in matters of high technology. As a pioneer in the Internet of Things industry, they offer solutions for IoT communication technology. In addition, they offer solutions for smart power, smart city, intelligent water supply, intelligent disaster control and other industries. Their activities include production and distribution to industrial users, system integrators and wireless operators to provide competitive products, technologies, programs and services. Four-Faith focuses on the world of IoT and offers an open concept of collaboration.

Over the years, they have always adhered to their core values such as integrity, trust, confidence and trust in order to implement their business concepts. You are determined to create customer value through technology and increase employee satisfaction through business growth. Their products are used by customers in over 50 countries around the world. Four-Faith has received SGS and ISO9001 certifications, as well as CE, FCC, EMC, ROHS, environmental testing and National Network Center certifications.

VARIA is now an authorized sales partner in Germany!

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The industrial router F3X26Q is an IoT router for wireless communication. It uses the GPRS / CDMA / WCDMA / EVDO / LTE public cellular networks to provide users with a wireless remote and data transmission function for large amounts of data.

The router uses a powerful industrial CPU and a wireless module. An embedded real-time operating system acts as a software support platform. It offers an RS232 (or RS485) connection, 1x Ethernet LAN, 1x Ethernet WAN and Wi-Fi. It can be connected to a serial device, Ethernet devices, and Wi-Fi devices at the same time for data pass-through.

Of the F8L10GW is a wireless data transmission gateway based on the standard LoRaWAN protocol. It can be connected to LoRaWAN terminals in various application nodes and collects useful information. Data can be sent to a cloud server via the 3G / 4G cellular network or wired Ethernet. The gateway uses a powerful 32-bit industrial grade CPU and a wireless module. The embedded real-time operating system acts as a software support platform. The The F8L10GW offers 1x Ethernet LAN and 1x Wi-Fi interface. It supports wireless configuration, management and OTA update as well as GPS. The power consumption is 100 ~ 240 V; Optional power methods include PoE and DC.