23. September 2019 Teltonika / VARIA

In addition to the representation of Teltonika in Germany, we are pleased to take over the distribution of the brand in Italy and Great Britain.

About the brand
Over the past 20 years, Teltonika has over 100 different devices in the field IoT, networking, connected vehicles, asset and personal tracking developed. Over 7,000,000 devices were subsequently sold in over 150 countries worldwide. While those numbers are impressive on their own, Teltonika is more than that. It’s about innovation, inspiration, connection, education and reliable partnerships.

Teltonika LTE and 3G router series

Compact, inexpensive and powerful routers as well as industrial routers for professional applications.

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Teltonika TRB gateway board series

Small, light and energy efficient devices that allow you to realize IoT projects with ease.

By setting new trends, the manufacturer inspires its partners to change the world and use the most advanced technologies on the market. Connected vehicles, narrowband IoT, CAT M1, cloud-based services and more are already in use. Innovation will always be a driving force. The vision and passion of the employees have shaped the company’s history. Teltonika is here to write them together.

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Fleet management
Teltonika FMB trackers are real-time tracking terminals with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity. The trackers can collect the device coordinates and other useful data in order to transmit them to a server via the GSM network.

These devices are perfect for applications where the location of distant objects is required. Examples include: fleet management, car rental companies, taxi companies, private cars, etc.

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