Important security update for Teltonika RUT2XX and RUT5XX series
1. November 2017 Teltonika

Important security update for RUT2XX and RUT5XX series

After this Security update from Friday (October 27th, 2017) for the RUT9XX series, the manufacturer Teltonika is now adding the updates for the RUT2XX and RUT5XX series.

Easy update via the software

The update process can easily be started via the admin interface of the Teltonika device. In the manuals (see below) you will find all information and screens of the user interface – for the RUT2XX from page 148 and for the RUT500 from page 65. When updating, please note the note in the manual: During the update process, neither the power plug is to be removed nor the reset button may be pressed. Both of these can mean that the device can no longer be used.


Learn more about the threatening security vulnerability in the WPA2 encryption protocol here in our blog entry from October 18th, 2017 and from October 29, 2017 .