2022 – Varia wishes you a happy new year

1. January 2022 VARIA

For the second year in a row we moved and occupied us in a way that we had never seen before.
2021 has always had new news, pitfalls and surprises in store for us.
And yet around 775,000 children were born, around 370,000 marriages were concluded and more houses were built than in 20 years.

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Holidays, varia
24. December 2021 VARIA
Oh, how nice it is when it is Christmas! I just wish it was a little more often! by Astrid Lindgren Snow, games, soap operas - the Christmas season is here The year so far has been very turbulent again, but we remain in good spirits. Nothing brings another special [...]
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Exciting innovations from MINEW Technologies

10. November 2021 VARIA

At the end of the year, MINEW Technologies is bringing some exciting new products onto the market. Here you will find an overview of all the new products. MS50SFA is a compact and very small Bluetooth 5.0 module with extremely low power consumption and a PCB antenna.

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Your new VARIA Academy – 1st choice for training courses and webinars

3. November 2021 MikroTik / Ubiquiti / VARIA

Remodeling in times of a pandemic is a real challenge. We are all the more happy to announce the completion of the new VARIA Academy. Discover our new rooms and our course program here. We are constantly expanding our training program […]

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EYE Beacon and EYE Sensor from Teltonika: number 1 in October

27. October 2021 Teltonika / VARIA

Regardless of the considerable challenges and uncertainty in most countries throughout the world, Teltonika Telematics persistently keeps focusing on innovation and continues offering new solutions to our customers and business partners.

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Fibaro – 6 novelties in the world of Smart Home

1. September 2021 VARIA
Today we will inform you again about the latest innovations in the world of Fibaro Smart Home / Z-Wave. We will introduce you to new products from this area at regular intervals. This week these are some new products from Fibaro as well as a new board from Z-Wave. ZMEEZUNO2 [...]
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Sharkee – Panorama Antennas 4G / 5G MiMo antenna solution

Panorama antennas
7. July 2021 VARIA
The brand new MiMo Sharkee ® 5G shark fin antenna is the latest product from Panorama Antennas. Sharkee fits in perfectly with the hugely popular SharkFin automotive-style combination antenna range. Panorama Antennas antenna solution The MiMo Sharkee ® 5G offers 2x ultra-broadband 600-960 / 1710-6000MHz cellular antenna elements and thus [...]
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Gigaset ION – the UC handset for flexible use

Gigaset ION
16. June 2021 VARIA

Gigaset ION offers the convenience of a DECT handset such as HD audio quality, hands-free function and a microphone optimized for noise canceling. This makes it the perfect companion in the office, home office and on business trips.

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DEC690 – The turnkey open source solution

9. June 2021 OPNsense / VARIA

DEC690 – OPNsense® Desktop Security Appliance – This embedded appliance offers gigabit performance, but makes no noise. The specially developed cooling profile enables cool operation even under maximum stress. A great performer with SOC performance from the AMD G-series in a very small fanless case.

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LPB-6-60 and B4BE-6-60 – the new panorama antennas

26. May 2021 VARIA
After 5 years of excellent service, the LPB- / B4BE-6-60 antenna series is receiving a product update to meet the growing demand for even more frequency bands. The new LPB-6-60 and B4BE-6-60 from Panorama Antennas look similar to their predecessors, but cover 600 MHz to 6000 MHz (6 GHz), so [...]
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