VS # 10 – 10 years VARIA Store – [Update 3 zum Entwicklungsstand]

3. April 2018 VARIA
With this article we would like to inform you for the last time about the current state of development for the relaunch of the new VARIA shop. First things first[Save the Date!] : The day of the shop launch is 04/09/2018 What's next? As in ours Update 2 from 03/09/18 [...]
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VS # 10 – 10 years VARIA Store – [Update 2 zum Entwicklungsstand]

9. March 2018 VARIA
We are very happy to write about the current state of development on my own account and with pride. In the past 18 months we have worked intensively on the necessary adjustments and new developments for our "growing" goods and warehouse management. The main focus here was on the centralization [...]
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VARIA at the MUM (MikroTik User Meeting) in Berlin from April 5th to April 6th, 2018

6. March 2018 MikroTik / VARIA
The MikroTik User Meeting (MUM) will take place in Berlin from 5.4.-6.4.2018. Every year more and more MikroTik distributors, accessory developers and suppliers and MFM participants (Made for MikroTik) present their products and services. VARIA will also be represented again with its own stand and, above all, present the services [...]
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Success Story – BMW Berlin Marathon 2017 from Xanica Consulting Berlin | K-TEL

12. January 2018 Success Story / Ubiquiti / VARIA
Project goal: WLAN networking for the BMW Berlin Marathon on September 24, 2017 Story text about the successful customer project: Michael Heinz - owner of Xanica Consulting Xanica has been working with K-TEL for 6 years, year after year, on the realization of the BMW Berlin Marathon. This year, a [...]
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The Ubiquiti UNMS controller

3. January 2018 Ubiquiti / VARIA
The VARIA controller for the Ubiquiti Management System With the Ubiquiti Management System (UNMS), the manufacturer UBIQUITI now offers central management of its EdgeMAX®, EdgeSwitch®, airMAX® and UFiber devices. VARIA now also supplies the right hardware solution for this in a 19-inch rack housing with just one height unit or [...]
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VARIA is a UBIQUITI Academy distributor

5. December 2017 Ubiquiti / VARIA
Since the first customer seminar and technology course in 2002, VARIA has continuously expanded the training program. Especially with the practical training and its excellent reputation, the VARIA Academy is now an established training center for technologies such as UBIQUITI, MikroTik and various open source systems. In addition to the [...]
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Introduced: VARIA HotSpot system (basic bundle)

10. November 2017 MikroTik / VARIA
The optimal hotspot system for your guests With the abolition of the so-called "Störerhaftung" in September 2017 ( see blog from 09/22 ) the legal uncertainties of the past months are finally over. Easy entry or change With the "ready-to-use" VARIA HotSpot systems Above all, an easy entry should be [...]
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RUT9XX series – Important security update for Teltonika routers

29. October 2017 Teltonika / VARIA
Important security update for the RUT9XX series (KRACK Attack, dnsmasq vulnerability) Even if the flood of news about the security vulnerability after October 18. If it dried up again very quickly, our technicians remain busy with the topic of KRACK Attack and are in regular contact with the manufacturers of [...]
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Krack Attack: insecure encryption

18. October 2017 MikroTik / Teltonika / Ubiquiti / VARIA
In the past few hours, the news of endangered WLAN networks unsettled users and, of course, manufacturers. Serious security gaps in the WPA2 security standard are reported. According to Hot Security researchers have discovered the threatening security gaps in the WPA2 encryption protocol, which is used to secure WLAN hotspots. [...]
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It is time: the liability for interference falls!

22. September 2017 Teltonika / VARIA
On September 22nd, 2017, the Federal Council also approved the abolition of liability for interference with open WLANs. This means that operators of hotspots should no longer have to fear warning costs in the event of illegal user activities. Operators can only be obliged to activate filter lists in order [...]
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