10. November 2017 MikroTik / VARIA

The optimal hotspot system for your guests

With the abolition of the so-called “Störerhaftung” in September 2017 ( see blog from 09/22 ) the legal uncertainties of the past months are finally over.

Easy entry or change
With the “ready-to-use” VARIA HotSpot systems Above all, an easy entry should be made possible for those who have previously waived a WLAN network for legal reasons or whose existing system cannot meet the requirements of the new Teleservices Act (e.g. the requirement to block certain content in special cases).

What can the HotSpot bundle do?
It is a ready-to-use HotSpot system based on MikroTik’s high-quality hardware and software. The position of the individual access points can be freely selected. The system is already preconfigured upon delivery (after consultation with you). In addition, you will receive a contingent for technical support via remote maintenance from us in order to make any adjustments to the conditions on site.

Due to the compatibilities of the devices, hardware upgrades and, above all, the integration of additional access points (cascading) are possible and implemented very quickly.

What components can I expect?

The core
The central point and control unit is the HotSpot controller. All settings are made and managed centrally via this. The WLAN of the entire system is also controlled using the software that has already been installed. Time-consuming logging into the individual access points for monitoring or configuration is thus superfluous.

All settings can be made conveniently using the controller software (e.g. assigning IP addresses, SSID settings, DHCP configuration, etc.) – naturally also encrypted and with a certificate.

The HotSpot controller is designed for up to 15 access points. If more dial-in points are used, upgrades to correspondingly more powerful controllers are completely problem-free.

The access point
The access points offer the best standard in terms of PoE supply, both active and passive. The power and grid connections are made via the HotSpot switch. This is also already configured and ready for immediate use.

The devices have ideal radiation characteristics for optimal reception in 2.4 GHz (2×2 MIMO) and 5 GHz AC standard (3×3 MIMO).
In addition, the access points can be used not only for indoor use but also for outdoor use.

The components of the basic bundle at a glance:

  • 1x HotSpot controller
  • 3x access points
  • 1x HotSpot switch
  • 1x HotSpot printer (optional in the printer bundle)
  • 1x software license readyVoucher (optional in printer bundle)
  • 1 hour technical support (30 minutes are required for pre-configuration before delivery.
    The remaining 30 minutes can be used to make adjustments on site by our technicians via remote access. For example, for integration in networks with VLANs, tunnels or integration into an existing RADIUS server.)

Voucher software and HotSpot printer (optional component)
We recommend that you use your HotSpot system in a controlled manner compatible printer bundle with HotSpot printer and suitable software. This is the perfect introduction to simple “voucher printing”. Regardless of whether you want to provide your customers with the access they want for an hour, a day or at a limited speed.
One click, one push, one access.

Using the convenient Windows software, access (vouchers) can then be printed and created for your customers / guests.

These can be freely configured according to your wishes.
So for example

  • duration
  • validity
  • Online time
  • Data rates
  • Etc.

The access can also be created in two ways:

  1. Users are created and activated dynamically, according to your specifications, directly via the software in the hotspot.
  2. Our recommendation: tariffs (or profiles as well as limitations) are predefined in the HotSpot controller and “controlled” with the voucher software. Your staff then only has access to these specifications and creates the customer access.

Are IT skills required?
No. All that is required on site is a network infrastructure to connect the access points. The HotSpot system itself is already preconfigured.

Should you still have technical questions or are you planning to convert or expand your HotSpot system, our technical support will of course be happy to assist you.


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