5. December 2017 Ubiquiti / VARIA

Since the first customer seminar and technology course in 2002, VARIA has continuously expanded the training program.

Especially with the practical training and its excellent reputation, the VARIA Academy is now an established training center for technologies such as UBIQUITI, MikroTik and various open source systems.

In addition to the regular training calendar and the curriculum in the certification courses, VARIA organizes individually adapted training courses and conferences and thus also enables the perfect addition for project planning from small to complex network planning.

With its official manufacturer certifications, the VARIA Academy also offers the perfect way to gain professional qualifications.

We have now been able to further intensify our cooperation with the technology manufacturer UBIQUITI and, as an official UBIQUITI Academy distributor, we now offer all German-speaking lecturers, trainers and training centers the provision of training materials (school books, training equipment, certificates, T-shirts, etc.).

With the VARIA, there is now finally direct, German-speaking support for the UBIQUITI trainer network.

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