9. March 2018 VARIA

We are very happy to write about the current state of development on my own account and with pride.

In the past 18 months we have worked intensively on the necessary adjustments and new developments for our “growing” goods and warehouse management. The main focus here was on the centralization of the article master data management as well as the effective convergence of all purchase orders.
We can now control our invoicing processes even more comfortably and, above all, via our own interfaces.

And now the way is clear for the launch of the new shop system.

After more than 1,000,000 SLOC,> 75 database tables, 5240 system files, (and approx. 6,000 cups of coffee :-), which would then be 60kg of powder), not only our developers are excited like a expander .

We made a conscious decision in favor of a complete in-house development and against a standard e-commerce shop engine because we want to react faster and independently to market developments and customer needs in the future.

Our beta test phase was closed last week and was very successful, so we are about to launch.

Specific information on the change will be available in Update 3 in a few weeks 🙂