Success Story – Mikrotiks CRS poweres jazz big-band rehearsal

21. April 2022 MikroTik / Success Story

Can’t surprise anyone with remote work these days… But how about an orchestra rehearsal? Not a problem if you’re using MikroTik CRS switches! Take a break and see how jazz is born in the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music – a place of passion, innovation, and pure art. The musicians needed to see and hear each other in perfect sync.

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VARIA wishes you a Happy Easter!

14. April 2022 VARIA

Everyone knows that, no matter who it is,
healthy and invigorating is the egg.

by Wilhelm Busch

In this context, VARIA wishes you a contemplative Easter – whether alone, as a couple or within the closest family circle.

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nanoHD – Ubiquitis Bestselling Access Point

13. April 2022 Ubiquiti

Initial 802.11ac Wave 1 SU-MIMO (Single-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology allows an earlier generation AP, such as the UniFi AC Pro AP from Ubiquiti, to communicate with only one client at a time.
802.11ac Wave 2 MUMIMO (Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology allows a Wave 2 AP, such as the UniFi nanoHD AP, to communicate with multiple clients at the same time.

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TeltoCharge – The Future of Charging

7. April 2022 Teltonika

The world is quickly moving to more sustainable technology, and this change encompasses everything from green energy production to smart IoT infrastructure. Besides decreasing the pollution, designers and city planners are also on a quest to lessen visual clutter in cities and make them more aesthetically pleasing. Therefore Teltonika created an easy, smart and reliable EV charger that you can customize to your needs.

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MikroTiks new Flagship: CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ

5. April 2022 MikroTik

Start your 100 Gigabit journey with this new flagship product: the Cloud Core Router 2216! Its powerful 16-core CPU can trade blows with the mighty 72-core Tile CPU of our previous flagship – the CCR1072. Unleash the power of 100 Gigabit networking with L3 Hardware Offloading! This is the perfect drop-in upgrade for CCR1072 users: you can keep using your SFP modules and PSU’s!

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Varia – Teltonika’s Top Partner in Germany 2021

1. April 2022 Teltonika
We are proud to announce that we have been recognized by Teltonika Networks as a top partner in Germany. Because we are an excellent distributor with a worldwide dealer network. We also stand for fair trade and also offer a wide range of services. Our excellent performance in this area [...]
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Teltonika – The new Switch called TSW200

31. March 2022 Teltonika

We like to introduce a new Teltonika Ethernet switch. A switch can be a crucial element in a network that significantly impacts efficiency and quality. Switches can vary by size, number and type of ports, setup complexity, level of control, power options, and other criteria. With these pioneer devices in their portfolio, they focused on creating tiny devices that easily fit into space-limited environments.

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Teltonika – Application of the Global Connectivity Solution

30. March 2022 Teltonika
One application area of Teltonika Telematics' prepaid SIM and eSIM connectivity solution, which we have already featured, is vehicle tracking. Many transport businesses are regulated by governments worldwide. For example, lorries must be equipped with digital tachographs so that the data is sent according to a schedule; E-TOLL, modern toll [...]
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Teltonika – Global Connectivity Solution

29. March 2022 Teltonika
Teltonika Telematics prepaid SIM and eSIM Connectivity Solution leverages global mobile network to connect devices anywhere providing control over connectivity and device activation through an easy-to-use management platform. Teltonika Telematics prepaid SIM and eSIM Connectivity Solution for Things makes IoT simple. It leverages a global mobile network to connect Teltonika [...]
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SinoVoip – Easter is around the corner

25. March 2022 SinoVoip

Because you will enjoy this exciting vehicle from Sinovoip for a long time to come. By assembling all the necessary parts and configuring the board, you can quickly bridge the time until Easter. Then it can really get going at Easter and you have your specially built companion at your side on the Sunday walk. Great fun not only for you, but also for children. In this way, you can playfully convey an interest in technology.

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