The truth behind Djinn’s origin story

10. November 2023 Pegasus
Who hasn't wondered how a board game is created and graphically realized? Benjamin Schwer takes us on his very personal journey with Djinn. "The basic idea of Djinn goes back to a game of Trajan (by Stefan Feld) in late fall 2017. After the game, I thought about how successful [...]
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Hro by DC – The dawn of a new era

3. November 2023 ASS-Altenburger
The gateway to a new era awaits you! Join the Hro community, which is only accessible via our unique hybrid trading cards. Using blockchain technology, each physical trading card is unique and unlocks a digital twin, giving you 24/7 access to your collection - allowing you to buy, sell, trade [...]
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Among Cultists – Thwart the cultists’ ritual as an investigator!

30. October 2023 Asmodee
The killing has long since begun in Among Cultists! Fans of deduction and bluffing games like Abysmal or Werewolves of Bleak Forest can look forward to new fodder: with the release of Among Cultists a new gloomy social deduction game in which you have to unmask the traitors in your [...]
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If Sustainability, then lots and lots of Sustainability – Part 1

19. October 2023 ASS-Altenburger
When it comes to sustainability, ASS Altenburger is uncompromising, committed, innovative and consistent. They know their responsibility, have high expectations of themselves and have therefore formulated a clear concept regarding sustainability. Not two or three flimsy tricks, but many concrete measures for their daily work. Really many. That's what they [...]
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The After Us Game Guide

6. October 2023 Pegasus
In After Us, the year is 2083. Humanity has been inexplicably extinct for several decades. In this abandoned world, the apes gradually evolve. They join together in hordes and learn to use the items that humans have left behind. As leaders of each of these hordes, it is your responsibility [...]
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The box design of Arnak – Expedition leader

21. September 2023 HeidelBÄR Games
The Lost Ruins of Arnak delivers a compelling story, which is underpinned by thoughtful visual design and extensive worldbuilding. With the Expedition Leader expansion the creators are focusing on introducing new characters that match the experience in Arnaknuances, personality and diversity. Illustrator Ondra Hrdina tells how the stunning graphics for [...]
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The Dixit Edition with magical Disney Motifs

19. September 2023 Asmodee
On our social media channels you could already catch the first glimpses of a magical project of the publisher Libellud: The Dixit: Disney Edition! In this new stand-alone game in the Dixituniverse brings together the award-winning gameplay of the Dixit-series (u. a. Game of the Year 2010) on motifs and [...]
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Evergreen wins the Graf Ludo 2023

8. September 2023 HeidelBÄR Games
Evergreen has won the Graf Ludo 2023 this year! We are all over the place! After the board game by Hjalmar Hach and with illustration by Wenyi Geng made it to the last three nominated games, it could now also win the coveted Spielgrafikreis. Jury Statement: The vision of the [...]
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The Witcher: The Old World

5. September 2023 Asmodee
Become a Witcher - face dangerous monsters and experience your very own story in the ancient world of The Witcher! The Witcher: The Old World is an action-packed adventure board game full of compelling decisions. Each of you plays a sorcerer trained in one of the five schools. You travel [...]
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And what comes after Atiwa?

24. May 2023 Hobbies & Leisure / Lookout games
Uwe Rosenberg tells about the beginnings of the game development and what will follow. History of the development of Atiwa Even before the pandemic, he was concerned with the importance of flying foxes for reforestation. This inspired him to create the game Atiwa. Then the pandemic broke out and he [...]
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