Tired of wired sensors? CME22-2n-BG77 is the Solution!

7. December 2023 MikroTik

Are you tired of wired sensor limitations? Wouldn’t it be nice if legacy devices – like electricity meters – could send their data over the mobile network, like our phones do? With CME Gateway you can achieve just that – and more! MikroTiks wireless CME Gateway (CME22-2n-BG77) is a rugged low-cost, low-bandwidth modem to connect Ethernet devices to mobile network… on the tightest budget ever!

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wAP ac LTE – powerful and versatile dual-band LTE wireless access point

wAP ac LTE
1. August 2019 MikroTik
Small device with big ambitions - the wAP ac LTE is an extremely cost-effective dual-band home access point (2.4 / 5 GHz) based on the popular wAP form factor. It has two Gigabit Ethernet ports - you can use the device as a wired router with LTE backup via the [...]
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The new LtAP – a powerful 4G (LTE) access point with GPS support

23. July 2019 MikroTik
The new LtAP is a compact 4G (LTE) -capable, weatherproof WLAN access point - perfect for busy urban environments or off-the-grid outdoor networks. It has an integrated cellular modem that supports 4G (LTE) connectivity - no additional devices are required, it is ready to use right out of the box. [...]
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Teltonika – notification of product changes

18. July 2019 Teltonika
We would like to inform you about product changes at Teltonika that may be important to you. Table of contents: Change of the TRB14 * order numbers Modification of the RMS licensing logic Changing the flash memory in RUT devices Change of the TRB14 * order numbers The changes concern: [...]
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Teltonika FM3612 & FM36M1 End-Of-Life Announcement

10. July 2019 Teltonika
Warning - notification of product changes! Teltonika has prepared successor devices for the FM3612 and FM36M1. The new FMU130 and FMM130 devices are far superior. Therefore, Teltonika plans to discontinue production of the FM3612 and FM36M1 devices. It's time to look ahead and provide the best functionality of 3G and [...]
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Teltonika GPS tracker / electronic logbook and fleet management

16. April 2018 Teltonika
They have been available for a few weeks now - the latest versions of TELTONIKA's vehicle trackers for the OBD-2 interface. Almost all automobiles nowadays have an on-board diagnostic interface (OBD-2), via which, for example, your workshop can read out errors in the car from the error memory. The TELTONIKA [...]
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