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They have been available for a few weeks now – the latest versions of TELTONIKA’s vehicle trackers for the OBD-2 interface.

Almost all automobiles nowadays have an on-board diagnostic interface (OBD-2), via which, for example, your workshop can read out errors in the car from the error memory.
The TELTONIKA trackers are connected to this interface without major assembly work.

Both models offer the option of a digital logbook or can simply be used to monitor the vehicle.
Find out quickly and easily where exactly your vehicle is and which routes were last driven. With the help of the extensive evaluation options, you always have the driving style and the destinations in view.

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The right electronic logbook – 100% compliant with the tax authorities

“The electronic logbook GPS-CarControl is absolutely forgery-proof and guaranteed to meet all the requirements of the tax office,” explains S-TEC GmbH, a provider of electronic logbooks and fleet controlling from Hamburg.
Reminder functions ensure prompt processing. Business trips, work trips and private trips are clearly differentiated and can no longer be changed after the period-end closing.

More information about S-TEC GmbH
The company, founded in 1993, recognized the market potential for GPS-based systems very early on. Hamburg-based S-TEC GmbH now employs 45 people at four locations.
S-TEC GmbH website: www.scanmedia.net ,
Website for the GPS CarControl solution: www.gps-carcontrol.de

When does it make sense to keep a logbook?

The tax authorities regard the private use of company vehicles as a pecuniary advantage. If business and private trips are not fully documented, the tax office uses the so-called one percent rule for taxation.

This means that one percent of the gross vehicle list price (regardless of the actual purchase price) is estimated for private use and thus for taxation of the monetary benefit. This could get expensive. Especially in the case of cars with high gross list prices or low private usage shares, it should be checked whether billing using the so-called logbook method is cheaper.

What should you watch out for when choosing an electronic logbook?

[zitat]”The tax offices only recognize electronic logbooks if they are tamper-proof and revision-proof”,

emphasizes Ecovis tax advisor Anja Weißflog in Chemnitz. The electronics and software must be installed in such a way that the system cannot be disconnected from the vehicle’s on-board network. Subsequent corrections can be made using an Internet browser and are permitted.

“However, changes to the information that has already been entered, such as a travel destination, must be made within seven days”,

warns Ms. Weißflog, otherwise trouble with the tax authorities is inevitable.

More information about Ecovis
The consulting company Ecovis supports medium-sized companies. In Germany it is one of the top 10 in the industry. Around 6,500 employees work in the more than 100 German offices as well as in partner law firms in over 70 countries around the world.
Ecovis website: https://www.ecovis.de/chemnitz-wws/

In any case, speak to your tax advisor before using the electronic logbook. Clarify whether and from when an electronic logbook is recommended in your case and which requirements and information you have to meet.

GPS CarControl app from S-TEC GmbH
With the free GPS CarControl app, you can access a large number of functions at any time via your smartphone, view vehicle information and conveniently edit and complete your electronic logbook while on the move. Your benefits at a glance:

  • all trips are recorded fully automatically
  • simple processing via the GPS-CarControl portal or the
  • Free GPS-CarControl app – 100% compliant with the tax authorities
  • intelligent software and hardware
  • unlimited number of geo-zones
  • optional private switch
  • optional driver recognition
  • individual assignment of rights to protect data protection
  • practical extensions

Installation and installation

After opening the tracker, installing the micro SIM card is very easy.
The installation of the driver / software also runs smoothly under WIN7.

After connecting the tracker to our test laptop (WIN7), it was recognized without any problems. Now only the PIN of the SIM card, the APN and the server used had to be entered correctly. The first recorded data has already been sent via the mobile data connection. The sending interval and the selection of which data are sent can be set manually.

The installation of the tracker in our company car was also very quick. In this case, the search for the interface took longer than the installation itself. In the following picture you can see the connected tracker below the steering wheel. An OBD-2 extension cable is also available as an option.

test drive

Our subsequent test drive took us to the nearest gas station. In the following pictures you can see the route on the map. Both the web app, the Windows app and the Android app displayed the results correctly. The display varies depending on the app used. The range of functions is of course greatest with the web login and the Windows app. You can use the mobile app to access the tracker data from anywhere, as long as an internet connection is active.

The difference between the two models FMB001 and FMB010 is that the FMB001 can read out the data via the OBD-2. Up to 32 on-board parameters can be recorded. Both models otherwise have the same equipment such as battery, Bluetooth with hands-free function, acceleration sensor, GNSS for satellite navigation (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU, SBAS, QZSS, DGPS, AGPS) and an internal microSD card for data storage.
To use the tracker, a micro-SIM card, ideally with a data plan, is required. There are also monthly costs for the data server, but this also includes the various options for creating reports.


As you would expect from TELTONIKA, you get the usual very good product quality, absolutely robust and suitable for everyday use for your fleet management.

Are IT or automotive skills required?
No, the hardware itself can be set up in a short time using a Windows PC. Only the interface has to be found on the vehicle itself.
The installation of the tracker in the vehicle is also very quick.

For further support, technical questions or assistance with the implementation of the tracker, our technical support is of course at your disposal.


Get information and advice now:

We would be happy to call you back if you have any product queries.
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