Chemnitz Linux Days 2020 “Just do it!”

4. February 2020 VARIA
The Chemnitz Linux Days have been held since 1999 - with steadily increasing success. Goal of the Chemnitz Linux days is to bring Linux and Open Source closer to people. It's fun to get such a complex event off the ground. The extremely positive reactions of the visitors are motivating [...]
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Fleet management Teltonika – part 2

17. January 2020 Teltonika
Teltonika offers a wide range of vehicle tracking products specifically designed for professional applications. They are constantly improving their existing products and bringing new products to market to meet all customer expectations. In the second part on fleet management, we introduce you to the products of the 2G tracking series. [...]
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Teltonika FM3612 & FM36M1 End-Of-Life Announcement

10. July 2019 Teltonika
Warning - notification of product changes! Teltonika has prepared successor devices for the FM3612 and FM36M1. The new FMU130 and FMM130 devices are far superior. Therefore, Teltonika plans to discontinue production of the FM3612 and FM36M1 devices. It's time to look ahead and provide the best functionality of 3G and [...]
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GPS CarControl – vehicle and fleet management

GPS CarControl
22. February 2019 Teltonika / VARIA
In the past year, we already stayed in this blog post reported on the Teltonika vehicle tracker for the OBD-2 interface. With our VARIA GPS CarControl Services, we have perfectly complemented our product range for vehicle and fleet management. In addition to trackers and antennas, we now also offer two [...]
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Teltonika GPS tracker / electronic logbook and fleet management

16. April 2018 Teltonika
They have been available for a few weeks now - the latest versions of TELTONIKA's vehicle trackers for the OBD-2 interface. Almost all automobiles nowadays have an on-board diagnostic interface (OBD-2), via which, for example, your workshop can read out errors in the car from the error memory. The TELTONIKA [...]
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