Teltonika FM3612 & FM36M1 End-Of-Life Announcement
10. July 2019 Teltonika

Warning – notification of product changes!

Teltonika has prepared successor devices for the FM3612 and FM36M1.
The new FMU130 and FMM130 devices are far superior. Therefore, Teltonika plans to discontinue production of the FM3612 and FM36M1 devices.
It’s time to look ahead and provide the best functionality of 3G and Cat-M1 connectivity with the FMB system!

Successor devices – description:

  • FMU130 (3G)
  • FMM130 (LTE CAT-M1) – will be released shortly with external announcement

Successor devices – important advantages (FMU130 and FMM130):

  • FMU130 and FMM130 work on the FMB platform with all useful functions: FMB Configurator, FMB Protocol, WEB FOTA and FMB FW.
  • The devices bring more value and cost less.
  • The devices are smaller but have the same 12-pin connector type.

General information on End-Of-Life FM3612 and FM36M1 devices:

  • 1) All versions of FM3612 and FM36M1 will no longer be manufactured from December 1st, 2019.
  • 2) You can order devices in the LZ system until July 31, 2019. Delivery time for new orders 8+ weeks.
  • 3) Error correction by June 1st, 2020
  • 4) End of support on December 1st, 2021


  • 1) The successor to the FM3612 device is the FMU130.
  • 2) The successor to the FM36M1 device is the FMM130.
  • 3) Check if you have special FW versions for FM3612 or FM36M1 devices.
    If you have a special FW version, you must register TPP in order to guarantee the same functionality on successor devices.