Teltonika FM3612 & FM36M1 End-Of-Life Announcement

10. July 2019 Teltonika
Warning - notification of product changes! Teltonika has prepared successor devices for the FM3612 and FM36M1. The new FMU130 and FMM130 devices are far superior. Therefore, Teltonika plans to discontinue production of the FM3612 and FM36M1 devices. It's time to look ahead and provide the best functionality of 3G and [...]
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FMU130 – the new Teltonika 3G tracking terminal

21. May 2019 Teltonika
Many network operators have already shut down their 2G networks, and many more will soon. The USA, Thailand, Australia, Taiwan, Canada, Japan, Singapore and Switzerland no longer offer a 2G network. In 2019, at the World Mobile Congress, many GSM operators announced their plans to deactivate the 2G network in [...]
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