18. August 2023 Asmodee

As an agent of the T.I.M.E Agency, you travel back in time to protect the universe and its parallel worlds from going off the rails.

You and your team are sent to eliminate threats of illegal time travel. Take over as agents avatars in the past and find the temporal glitch before it’s too late. Together you will work through scenarios in the games and find clues to the temporal problems. Always looking for the solution and the perfect way to get there. The key is to pay attention to everything and make the best possible decision. Because even time travelers don’t have forever.

With this you’ll enjoy a completely new game experience and you’ll be able to experience ever new adventures thanks to many additional scenarios.




With the blue cycle of T.I.M.E Stories: Revolution you’ll plunge into new adventures. All missions are independent of each other and can be played in any order. With TIME Stories Revolution Experience you can make a coherent experience out of all the missions.

New times are dawning with TIME Stories Revolution, the new cycle of T.I.M.E Stories! The rules of the game may have changed, but the Agency’s mission is still the same: to protect humanity and the space-time continuum!

The Hadal Project is part of the game series. Each mission in the series is a standalone adventure. You can play the missions in any order and no longer need a base game to start with.

The new Hadal project

As a terrifying virus wipes out the world’s population, a science base submerged in an oceanic abyss makes a strange discovery. This could decide the future of mankind. Conduct a thorough investigation with your hosts in this mission and crack the secret of the Hadal Project.

Print & Play

If you have never played this kind of game and would like to get an impression of the game, just print out the free Print & Play- Damien. It is also the prelude to the later adventure The Cavendish Mansion.


The game creates a story transition from the white to the blue cycle and connects all the missions released so far (of the blue cycle) and those yet to come into one big story. You remain independent of time and space.


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