Start sequence – A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

6. December 2023 Asmodee
In May we have Star Wars™: Unlimited was officially announced as the latest and greatest trading card game from Fantasy Flight Games. Now we are looking forward to presenting one of the first products for the game and giving you a detailed insight into the gameplay! Introduction: The spark of [...]
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Among Cultists – Thwart the cultists’ ritual as an investigator!

30. October 2023 Asmodee
The killing has long since begun in Among Cultists! Fans of deduction and bluffing games like Abysmal or Werewolves of Bleak Forest can look forward to new fodder: with the release of Among Cultists a new gloomy social deduction game in which you have to unmask the traitors in your [...]
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The Dixit Edition with magical Disney Motifs

19. September 2023 Asmodee
On our social media channels you could already catch the first glimpses of a magical project of the publisher Libellud: The Dixit: Disney Edition! In this new stand-alone game in the Dixituniverse brings together the award-winning gameplay of the Dixit-series (u. a. Game of the Year 2010) on motifs and [...]
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TIME Stories – Stories through time and space

18. August 2023 Asmodee
As an agent of the T.I.M.E Agency, you travel back in time to protect the universe and its parallel worlds from going off the rails. You and your team are sent to eliminate threats of illegal time travel. Take over as agents avatars in the past and find the temporal [...]
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