The VARIA Summer Academy – UEWA certification

10. April 2019 Ubiquiti / VARIA
The VARIA summer academy Get away from everyday professional life - into a relaxed atmosphere that promotes concentrated and inspiring learning. Experience an unforgettable certification course in a very special atmosphere. In a relaxing atmosphere and under the guidance of a top-class lecturer, you will learn everything you need to [...]
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PC Engines APU series – important BIOS update

2. April 2019 VARIA
When installing some systems / distributions (e.g. OPNSense, IPFire, CentOS, Ubuntu) boot problems can occur. The reason for this is the different management of the storage media of the system distributions. Both the APU2 and APU3 series and the APU4 series can be affected by this. This can be remedied [...]
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MikroTik certifications now also in France

22. March 2019 MikroTik / VARIA
The official MikroTik certifications in France can now also be booked through the VARIA Academy. In French, of course. It starts with the following courses: 27. 03. - 29.03.2019 MTCNA France, Nice 23.04. - 04/25/2019 MTCNA France, Paris 22.05. - May 24, 2019 MTCRE France, Nice 29.05. - 31.05.2019 MTCNA [...]
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MikroTik Urgent Security Advisory (CVE-2019-3924)

27. February 2019 MikroTik
One of Tenable released new CVE on February 21 describes a security vulnerability that enables a TCP / UDP request to be forwarded via the router's Winbox port if it is open to the Internet. Tenable had previously contacted MikroTik about this problem, so a fix was released on all [...]
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GPS CarControl – vehicle and fleet management

GPS CarControl
22. February 2019 Teltonika / VARIA
In the past year, we already stayed in this blog post reported on the Teltonika vehicle tracker for the OBD-2 interface. With our VARIA GPS CarControl Services, we have perfectly complemented our product range for vehicle and fleet management. In addition to trackers and antennas, we now also offer two [...]
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VARIA at the MUM (MikroTik User Meeting) in Vienna from 07.03.-08.03.2019

26. January 2019 MikroTik / VARIA
From 07.03.-08.03.2019 the MikroTik User Meeting (MUM) will take place in Vienna, Austria. ... and of course we are back on site. The operating system and software of the MikroTik router offer a new and exciting alternative to traditional branded router solutions. The meeting will introduce strategies for deploying new [...]
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The VARIA premium program – with a discount of up to 30%

Premium program
23. January 2019 VARIA
Our new premium program is aimed at companies and resellers and offers an attractive discount scale as well as individual agreements in terms of purchasing and handling processes. Customers with the customer status "dealer" automatically take part in the premium program and do not have to submit any further documents [...]
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The new year 2019

1. January 2019 VARIA
Diwali, the festival of lights, is an important Hindu festival lasting several days. The festival is celebrated very differently in different parts of the Indian subcontinent. The main message of the festival is the victory of good over evil, truth over lies, light over shadow and life over death. With [...]
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Christmas 2018

9. December 2018 VARIA
On the second Advent in Saxony there was also the perfect weather for a cozy Advent Sunday in the living room: wind and rain. We continue to hope for a really great winter (with snow, of course) and wish you one stress-free, wonderful pre-Christmas time .
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Wavertech firmware release and first impression of the WAC5N

13. November 2018 VARIA
The manufacturer Wavertech has released the long-awaited new firmware. Version 1.3 is now available for download from the manufacturer for the Waver SmartOne devices: The release includes the following new functions: Additional User Manager interface with the following functions: Payment portal: Possibility to offer prepaid internet access with PayPal [...]
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