MikroTiks switch of the future: the CRS312-4C + 8XG-RM

CRS312-4C + 8XG-RM
27. September 2019 MikroTik
CRS312-4C + 8XG-RM, the switch of the future: MikroTik's first product with 10G RJ45 Ethernet ports and SFP + Eliminate the bottleneck in your network setup! It's time to upgrade your 1 gigabit switch to something really powerful and enjoy real speed. For this poses MikroTik now the CRS312-4C + [...]
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VARIA is an official Teltonika distributor in IT and UK

23. September 2019 Teltonika / VARIA
In addition to the representation of Teltonika in Germany, we are pleased to take over the distribution of the brand in Italy and Great Britain. About the brand Over the past 20 years, Teltonika has over 100 different devices in the field IoT, networking, connected vehicles, asset and personal tracking [...]
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ATTENTION: Interruption of the Teltonika Remote Management System!

18. September 2019 Teltonika
Due to the mandatory maintenance of Amazon Web Services, this is Teltonika Remote Management System ( RMS ) at the: 30.09.2019 from 7:30 (GMT + 3) to 7:40 (GMT + 3) not reachable.
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MikroTik switch with 40 Gbps QSFP +: CRS326-24S + 2Q + RM

CRS326-24S + 2Q + RM
17. September 2019 MikroTik
CRS326-24S + 2Q + RM - MikroTik's fastest switch for the most demanding configurations If you work with a significant amount of data, such as providing internet access or maintaining a huge data center, this is the perfect upgrade for your setup. CRS326-24S + 2Q + RM is the first [...]
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Teltonika supports ContiPressureCheck ™

11. September 2019 Teltonika
One of the main goals of fleet management is to reduce operating costs for end customers. Teltonika offers several solutions for this. One of the latest additions is the support of the Continental ContiPressureCheck ™. The system significantly extends tire usage times by continuously monitoring tire pressure and temperature. It [...]
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The DualRack configurator: The fastest way to a 19 “solution for the APU board

6. September 2019 VARIA
The fastest way to the 19 inch solution for the APU board: the rack configurator The entire bundle can be put together according to your wishes using the VARIA rack configurator. From the selection of the different board variants, whether one or two-board operation, to the memory selection and power [...]
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VARIA Summer Academy at Augustusburg Castle (review of the course from August 7th to 9th, 2019):

VARIA summer academy
30. August 2019 Ubiquiti / VARIA
What a view! The participants of the VARIA Summer Academy were able to enjoy this and much more. The respected Certification to Ubiquiti UEWA course The main goal of the VARIA Summer Academy was to preserve it. We are very happy that all participants passed successfully. At this point, congratulations [...]
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TRB141 – New industrial LTE gateway from Teltonika

28. August 2019 Teltonika
Robust industrial GPIO LTE gateway from Teltonika LTE gateway from Teltonika We are pleased to present you a completely new product from Teltonika Networks to be able to introduce - the TRB141. This industrial LTE Cat. 1 gateway is equipped with multiple input and output options including digital, relay, analog [...]
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Success Story “Wi-Fi on Mount Everest” by MikroTik

23. August 2019 MikroTik / Success Story
What do climbers miss most on their travels? Food, oxygen, warmth? For many people, the answer is friends and family. For this reason, MikroTik is pleased that their devices are part of the “Everest Link” success story - a reliable and accessible alternative for satellite communication in Everest base camp. [...]
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LHG 60G – 60 GHz high speed point-to-multipoint CPE

20. August 2019 MikroTik
LHG 60G - 60 GHz high-speed point-to-multipoint CPE, the perfect solution for crowded radio spectra You don't have to share the frequency with your neighbors and lose valuable time - the LHG 60G offers a simple and efficient 60 GHz solution for wireless connections where the 2 GHz and 5 [...]
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