AirCube – new firmware for the mini WLAN access point with the super antenna

28. August 2018 Ubiquiti
New firmware with new functions With version 2.3.1, Ubiquiti has now released the new firmware with some bug fixes, but also innovations in the WEB UI. More details about the changes in the new version are available directly from UBNT: The WLAN access point - slim design with a [...]
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MikroTik – Important Safety Information

6. August 2018 MikroTik
As the manufacturer MikroTik announced, a malicious botnet is currently using one Vulnerability in the RouterOS Winbox service , which was patched in RouterOS v6.42.1 on April 23, 2018. Since all RouterOS devices offer free upgrades with just two clicks, we recommend that you update your devices using the "Check [...]
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Ubiquiti – new firmware for AF-5XHD released

12. July 2018 Ubiquiti
The new firmware for AF-5XHD has been completed and both sales and delivery by UBIQUITI can now continue. Ubiquiti stopped selling the devices on April 6, 2018, citing a delay in completing an important firmware update as the reason. If you are already using devices of the AF-5XHD, check the [...]
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Important information about the ALIX board series from PC Engines

25. June 2018 VARIA
The ALIX family of PC Engines Boards has been an ongoing success for about 10 years. AMD will accept the last orders for the Geode LX CPU in May 2019 and deliver them by the end of 2019. Some of the other components in the designs are already EOL or [...]
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UBIQUITI and the GDPR – important information about software usage

18. June 2018 Ubiquiti / VARIA
In the past few weeks and especially after the GDPR basic regulation came into force, we have received an increasing number of inquiries about data security when using Ubiquiti software solutions. In order to create clarity and to dispel uncertainties, the manufacturer has provided us with the following statement for [...]
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Changeover to UBIQUITI Store on June 23, 2018

1. June 2018 Ubiquiti / VARIA
With this article we would like to inform you about the current state of development for the conversion of the UBIQUITI shop. First things first[Save the Date!] : The day of the shop launch is June 23, 2018 After the successful relaunch of the VARIA store, we will now activate [...]
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The time has come! The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) finally comes into force.

25. May 2018 VARIA
On May 25, 2018, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force, which will bring significant improvements to the protection of your personal data. We took this as an opportunity to also adapt our processes with regard to your data and our data protection declaration. In [...]
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The official RF Elements RoadShow in Germany

23. May 2018 VARIA
At the official RF Elements RoadShow, the manufacturer is presenting the revolutionary Horn antenna technology and demonstrating the function of its antenna solutions with application examples. It makes clear the newly developed properties of its radio solutions for today's complex challenges. Secure your place now (the training is free of [...]
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Success story “Indoor and outdoor WLAN illumination of a hotel area in Thailand” from LanCologne

9. May 2018 Success Story / Ubiquiti / VARIA
Project goal: Complete indoor & outdoor WLAN illumination of a hotel area in Thailand on September 24, 2017 Story text about the successful customer project: Risto Popovski - owner of LanCologne UG Cologne LanCologne goes Thailand We had the great responsibility for a complete indoor and outdoor WLAN illumination of [...]
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MikroTik – new version of RouterOS released

26. April 2018 MikroTik
MikroTik has released a new version of RouterOS with bug fixes and changes. To upgrade, start via "Check for updates" on the "System / Package" in your RouterOS configuration overview or download it directly from the MikroTik website: What's new in version 6.40.8[bugfix] (2018-Apr-23 11:34): !) winbox - fixed [...]
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