15. March 2022 VARIA

Nothing is more important than sustainability these days. Varia also fulfills its obligation and changes its shipping policy accordingly. So that future generations can also enjoy our green earth.

That’s why Varia decided to work with Ripac . So that in addition to new machines, material will be used in the future that has been produced in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.


Because Ripac is committed to a healthy and green earth!
Here’s how they put their eco-centric philosophy into action:

  • Reduced carbon footprint through local production
  • 0% waste within production
  • Largest recycling plant in Europe (up to 21,000 t / a)
  • We support the Ocean Cleanup financially

They mostly use industrial recyclate from their own production. The Blue Ocean foil is already recycled and has had a “life” and is reused domestically. When using the individual disposal concept, a use and recycling cycle is guaranteed. In addition, the film causes 7-9 times less CO² emissions during production than paper (source: EPA US Environmental Protection Agency = independent institution).

The main solution against plastic in the ocean is better collection and recycling of waste, especially in developing countries, according to the UN in its 23.5.2016 report.


  • The CO2 emissions of paper are at least 7-9 times higher than with Blue Ocean foil!
  • Environmental statements about changing from film to paper based on CO2 are hereby proven to be untrue and not greener!!

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