If Sustainability, then lots and lots of Sustainability – Part 2

16. November 2023 ASS-Altenburger
Others may already stop at sustainability. Ass Altenburger is only just getting going. They make optimum use of the loading areas of the transport vehicles to generate fewer CO2 emissions. Your logistics department works with a planning tool that can optimally calculate and utilize the loading area of the transport [...]
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Success Story – AAEON Receives Sustainability Awards

6. November 2023 Aaeon / Success Story
AAEON Receives Highest Honor at Global Views Magazine ESG Corporate Sustainability Awards.  The award recognizes AAEON for its promotion of art and technology education in rural schools. AAEON, a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced industrial and embedded computing platforms, were awarded first prize at the 19th Global Views Magazine ESG [...]
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If Sustainability, then lots and lots of Sustainability – Part 1

19. October 2023 ASS-Altenburger
When it comes to sustainability, ASS Altenburger is uncompromising, committed, innovative and consistent. They know their responsibility, have high expectations of themselves and have therefore formulated a clear concept regarding sustainability. Not two or three flimsy tricks, but many concrete measures for their daily work. Really many. That's what they [...]
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Varia is getting greener!

15. March 2022 VARIA

Nothing is more important than sustainability these days. Varia also fulfills its obligation and changes its shipping policy accordingly. So that future generations can also enjoy our green earth. That’s why Varia decided to work with Ripac. So that in addition to new machines, material will be used in the future that has been produced in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

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Sustainability of VARIA packaging

15. September 2020 VARIA
Sustainability is the principle according to which no more may be consumed than can grow back, regenerate and be made available again in the future. Sustainable packaging consists of a renewable and / or recyclable raw material. Environmentally friendly packaging has the smallest possible CO2 footprint: This can be achieved, [...]
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