Sustainability of VARIA packaging
15. September 2020 VARIA

Sustainability is the principle according to which no more may be consumed than can grow back, regenerate and be made available again in the future.

Sustainable packaging consists of a renewable and / or recyclable raw material. Environmentally friendly packaging has the smallest possible CO2 footprint: This can be achieved, for example, through lean production processes and the shortest possible supply chain.

Since 2011 we let that VARIA System GmbH, manufacture our packaging exclusively from FSC-certified companies.
As a customer, you participate directly in protecting our environment with your purchase.

In line with our tradition of responsible corporate management, VARIA capitalizes on the terms sense of responsibility and sustainability.
At VARIA, we conduct regular corporate responsibility reviews as part of our day-to-day operational procedures.
With intelligent developments, we take into account the entire life cycle of your shipping packaging solutions and optimize all processes along the supply chain.

General shipping regulations

What is FSC?
FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council and was founded in 1993. The basic idea emerged a year earlier at the “Environment and Development” conference in Rio de Janeiro.

This international, non-profit organization is based in Bonn. There are also national working groups in 43 countries. Numerous environmental organizations such as WWF or Greenpeace, social associations and companies support FSC.

FSC attaches great importance to transparency. Therefore, all regulations and important documents are available to the public.

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