22. November 2019 Ubiquiti / VARIA

The Ubiquiti Flex-HD is part of a scalable enterprise Wi-Fi management.

UniFi® is a revolutionary Wi-Fi system that combines business performance, unlimited scalability and central management control. The UniFi AP Flex-HD Access Point has a slim, elegant design and a compact structure. It can be used indoors and outdoors without any problems. With its flexible mounting options, the Ubiquiti Flex-HD Can be attached to desks, walls, poles, and ceilings (with optional ceiling mount accessories).

Easily accessible through the UniFi app (iOS or Android™) and any standard web browser, UniFi OS Cosole is a powerful software engine ideal for high-density client deployments requiring low latency and high uptime performance.

Use the UniFi Network Application to quickly configure and administer an enterprise Wi-Fi network – no special training required. RF map and performance features, real-time status, automatic UAP device detection, and advanced security options are all seamlessly integrated.

Flexible mounting options:

  • The UniFi Network Application can provision UniFi devices, map out networks, and quickly manage system traffic. Important network details are logically organized for a simplified, yet powerful, interface.
  • The network topology and configuration, real-time statistics and debugging metrics can be seen at a glance. Monitor your network’s vital signs and make adjustments as needed during operation.
  • The UniFi Network Application provides configurable reporting and analytics to manage large user populations and expedite troubleshooting. Advanced search and sorting capabilities make network management more efficient.
  • Upload a map or use Google Maps to show the areas where your UniFi devices are located. Use the preview function to get a forecast of the coverage and avoid dead spots.

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