UP2 Aaeons amazing board

25. April 2022 Aaeon

UP Squared (UP2) is the world’s fastest maker board with the high performance and low power consumption features of Intel(R) Atom(TM) processors. The internal GPU is the new Intel(R) Gen. 9 HD, supporting 4K Codec Decode and Encode for HEVC, H.264 and VP8. Thanks to the Vector Units Image Processing Unit and Precision Timing Management all the graphic processing is effortless to this board.

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Innovations from Aaeon with Apollo Lake Intel® Celeron ™

17. November 2020 VARIA
Aaeon presents us with two new strong products with Apollo Lake Intel® Celeron ™ processors at the end of the year! [info_kasten] Apollo Lake enables data processing in real time with digital surveillance technology. It offers new functionality in vehicles, advances in industrial and office automation, new solutions for the [...]
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