MikroTik switch: CSS610-8G-2S + IN

3. November 2020 MikroTik
The new powerful MikroTik switch: CSS610-8G-2S + IN: Microtik CSS610-8G-2S + IN: eight 1G Ethernet ports and two SFP + ports for 10G fiber optic connections. Portable, powerful and extremely cost-effective - this switch is already a classic! Of the Cloud Smart Switch CSS610-8G-2S + IN is MikroTik's answer to [...]
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MikroTik GPEN21 – The intelligent current injector

18. August 2020 MikroTik
Of the MikroTik GPEN21 is an intelligent current injector that serves as an advanced software controlled repeater. Not only can it power your uplink devices via PoE, but it also offers a number of useful software functions. The GPEN21 has an Ethernet and SFP port for fiber optic connections. Customers [...]
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MikroTik’s compact Aggregate Link – the Wireless Wire nRAY!

14. July 2020 MikroTik
The Wireless Wire nRAY is the most compact wireless 2 Gbit / s aggregate connection in a range of 1500 m or more! The improved snow-resistant design is perfect for harsh environments. You can no longer restrict cables! [button text="Preis und Verfügbarkeit" link="https://www.varia-store.com/de/produkt/101111-wireless-wire-nray-ein-paar-vorkonfigurierte-lhgg-60ad-geraete.html" style="info" size="normal" target="_blank" display="inline" icon="no"] That MikroTik [...]
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MikroTik CCR2004-1G-12S + 2XS – the connectivity router

CCR2004-1G-12S + 2XS
5. June 2020 MikroTik
MikroTik CCR2004-1G-12S + 2XS - The Connectivity Router. Your best companion when it comes to SFP, SFP + and SFP28 management! 1, 10 and 25 Gbps ports in a single device to make your life easier. The "improvise, adapt, overcome" mindset can be very helpful. But sometimes you just need [...]
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MikroTik hAP ac3 LTE6 kit with the latest Cat. 6 LTE modem

hAP ac
15. May 2020 MikroTik
Forget the endless hunt for the perfect router and endless scrolling through reviews and specifications! MikroTik offers an affordable home access point that covers all the features you may need for years to come. That MikroTik hAP ac³ LTE6 kit contains the latest Cat. 6 LTE modem. It enables carrier [...]
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Chateau LTE12 – the ultimate home AP with LTE support

28. April 2020 MikroTik
Let's face it - most of the standard problems that access points can't really solve are the vastly diverse customer bases. They either lack features, users want more speed and profit, the price is too high, or they look weird. MikroTik decided to consider everything that is important to most [...]
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netPower 15FR: reduce costs, not speed – choose GPEN instead of GPON

netPower 15FR
3. April 2020 MikroTik
18-port outdoor switch with 15 reverse PoE ports and SFP Lower costs, not speed - choose GPEN instead of GPON! With the Microtik netPower 15FR-Switch, you can forget about expensive GPON base stations and optical splitters. This switch is part of the GPEN concept from MikroTik. On the one hand, [...]
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Quickly connected at home

24. March 2020 MikroTik / Ubiquiti / VARIA
The connection and the exchange with others, albeit remotely, are the most important things at the moment. We help you to stay connected in these turbulent times! Here you will find a selection of quick, simple and cost-saving systems that you can install in your home in no time at [...]
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VARIA home office solution

19. March 2020 VARIA
"Day 3 in the home office: on the one hand it is very nice to have more time with the children, on the other hand it is a great challenge. It is essential that the home office works without any problems! I have one from VARIA MikroTik hAP mini and [...]
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MikroTik CAPsMAN and hotspot course

6. March 2020 MikroTik / VARIA
The MikroTik CAPsMAN and Hotspot course offers a simple and practically illustrated introduction to the subject of "Public Wi-Fi". In addition to some basics about WLAN networks and regulations, you will get a good overview of MikroTik's central WLAN management, called CAPsMAN, and the integrated hotspot. These topics are illustrated [...]
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