DEC690 – The turnkey open source solution

9. June 2021 OPNsense / VARIA

DEC690 – OPNsense® Desktop Security Appliance – This embedded appliance offers gigabit performance, but makes no noise. The specially developed cooling profile enables cool operation even under maximum stress. A great performer with SOC performance from the AMD G-series in a very small fanless case.

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OPNsense – The Next Open Source Firewall

25. November 2016 OPNsense / VARIA
[: de] High-end Security Made Easy ™ VARIA "Ready-to-use" systems with the OPNsense firewall With the release of the new APU board series, VARIA started with four "ready-to-use" models of the OPNsense firewall system. The high-performance APU industrial embedded board from the Swiss manufacturer PC Engines is ideally equipped with [...]
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