Success Story: DigitalPakt Schule – Cambium Networks supports schools with a price-optimized education program

Digital pact
24. November 2020 VARIA
Cambium Networks, global provider of wireless network solutions, supports educational institutions in their digitization projects. Customers benefit from a specially developed education package which, in addition to 24/7 support, includes a comprehensive hardware guarantee and educational discounts - without any ongoing costs for licenses, software or support. When it comes [...]
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VARIA as support for the DigitalPakt Schule 2019 to 2024

28. July 2020 VARIA
The corona pandemic is a great test for everyone in Germany. This is especially true for the education system. From the teachers to the school administrators to the caretakers, all those responsible help ensure that the schools master this practical test. This also applies to parents, who have become even [...]
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