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8. November 2023 Success Story / TP-LINK

Tapo receives award for most innovative smart home app at the Network X Awards 2023 in Paris

They are delighted to announce the nomination for Most Innovative Smart Home Application at the Network X Awards 2023, a leading event celebrating excellence in the telecommunications industry.

The event takes place from October 24 to 26 at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles and presents global experts and exhibitors from the telecommunications industry.

Success Story

With 13 million users worldwide, Tapo offers trustworthy smart home devices, underlining its motto “Smart, Secure, and Easy”.

It has a diverse range of products on the smart device market: smart sockets, cameras, light bulbs, power strips, hubs, sensors, switches and robot vacuum cleaners.

TP-Link is constantly working on innovations to improve quality and expand the product range. As the winner of the award for the most innovative smart home application, Tapo strives to develop innovations and create added value for customers and partners.

The development of Matter-certified products, the Tapo for Pad app and the Tapo Open API will optimize the user experience and enable more collaboration.

Tapo is committed to advancing the industry and is an early adopter of the Matter protocol. 25 products certified by CSA support Matter and are compatible with major CSA members such as Apple, Google, Samsung and Amazon.

Success Story

Matter ensures that smart devices are versatile, can be controlled across platforms, respond faster and remain operational offline, increasing the security and reliability of the home. To usher in the future of smart home innovation, Tapo is launching the Tapo for Pad app to give users a better experience.

With the Smart Home Manager, smart home devices can be conveniently visualized, displayed and controlled in an app on a larger screen. It is now possible to display several live cameras for all-round home security.

With the innovative 3D dashboard, users can create a 3D smart home map that simulates the floor plan of their real home and visualizes their smart home devices for more intuitive smart home management.

Success Story

To better meet the needs of partners, the Tapo Open API allows access to manage and control an account’s devices remotely via the cloud or with the provided SDK.

This means that end users can control their devices directly via the partners’ apps and platforms, which offers maximum flexibility when integrating products into the partners’ offerings.

In a cloud-to-cloud solution, once a partner’s cloud is connected to the TP-Link Cloud, users can access and control the devices registered in the TP-Link Cloud by calling the provided APIs.

With a cloud and application integration solution, partners can integrate Tapo’s API SDK into their applications. Users can also set up, manage and control devices directly in the app.

Success Story

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