Success Story – Minew wins Smart City Product Award
19. January 2024 MINEW Technologies / Success Story

Minew, a leading innovator and manufacturer of IoT devices, proudly announces that its MSR01 Millimeter Wave Radar Sensor has received the 2023 Smart City Product of the Year Award from The Smart City Sentinel and IoT Evolution World, the leading websites covering IoT technologies.

MSR01 Millimeter Wave Radar Sensor highlights the business’ dedication to developing smart sensing hardware and solutions for a wide range of applications. It has made important contributions to the global progress of IoT and smart city projects due to its advanced technology and adaptability.

Success Story – Minew wins Smart City Product Award

“We are truly honored to receive the 2023 Smart City Product of the Year Award,” said Andy Wang, Product Manager at Minew. “This award recognizes our group’s focus and expertise in developing creative strategies that push the boundaries of IoT technology.” We are pleased about the MSR01’s ongoing effect on making cities smarter, safer, and more efficient.”

“The solutions selected for the Smart City Product of Year Award reflect the diverse range of innovation driving the multi-billion dollar IoT market today. It is my honor to congratulate Minew for their innovative work and superior contribution to the rapidly evolving IoT industry,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, a co-publisher of The Smart City Sentinel Smart City.

Success Story – Minew wins Smart City Product Award

“I am pleased to recognize MSR01 Millimeter Wave Radar Sensor, an innovative device that earned Minew 2023 The Smart City Sentinel Smart City Product of the Year Award,” said Carl Ford, Community Developer at The Smart City Sentinel Smart City World. “I look forward to seeing even more innovation from Minew in the future.”

About Minew’s MSR01 Millimeter Wave Radar Sensor

MSR01 is a Bluetooth-enabled sensor operating in the 60GHz frequency band. It is designed for applications such as space management and human presence detection. This sensor can provide accurate personnel flow statistics and exhibits remarkable sensitivity, superior algorithm performance, and an exceptionally high level of accuracy. It incorporates a self-learning function that allows it to gain insights into environmental conditions, and identify and eliminate sources of interference.

Success Story – Minew wins Smart City Product Award

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