Hobby & Leisure


21. May 2024

Creagami is a kit for creating origami. The kit contains sheets in different colors with pre-cut cards and folding aids that you can use to create the necessary modules for creating your 3D sculpture. You can create different animals and structures just by folding paper.

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If you want to build a sculpture in 60 minutes, the best way to do it is with Cartonic. The products are made of environmentally friendly cardboard and can be individually painted after assembly. You can choose from different categories, such as cars, buildings, animals, people, etc.

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Modiphius Entertainment

27. February 2024

Modiphius Entertainment is an RPG and tabletop game publisher based in Fulham, London. Modiphius was founded in 2012 by Rita and Chris Birch.

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Giant Roc

Giant Roc makes board games for game connoisseurs, for strategists and tacticians who are looking for real challenges. At Giant Roc, you face exciting decisions in every game and can show what you’re made of. In addition to numerous crisp Euro titles, Giant Roc also offers crisp strategy games and wargames with historical references.

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Warcradle Studios

Warcradle Studios publishes games set in a dystopian age. With cutting-edge design technology and an incredible team of creative people, we bring the tabletop to life in a spectacular way.

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The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Company is a Japanese joint venture between Nintendo, Creatures and Game Freak and was founded in April 1998 as Pokémon Center Co., Ltd. to manage the brand and license for the Pokémon franchise.

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Rolife is a sub-brand of Robotime® that focuses on the development and production of enchanting and highly detailed DIY craft sets such as miniature houses and 3D wooden puzzles.

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ROKR is a sub-brand of Robotime® that focuses on the development and production of mechanically driven 3D puzzles and models.

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Hiboutatillus is a French publisher of board games. Since the launch of Blanc-mange Coco in 2014, they have come up with and developed fun and accessible board games for young and old. The games are made in Europe and all the cardboard comes from FSC forests

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9. February 2024

ROBOTIME consists of a group of enthusiasts, always full of enthusiasm for progress and discovery. Over the last 15 years, the “ROLIFE” and “ROKR” brands have been developed with the aim of unleashing the passion of life with passionate, patient and resourceful players around the world. We use safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials so that you, your family and friends can have a carefree DIY fun time.

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