29. August 2023 HeidelBÄR Games

Time Division is a pure 2-person game for connoisseurs from the pen of Alexander Schreiber. Once again, the latest prank of the HeidelBÄRen impresses with its fantastic graphics, which this time were made by the art collective Sonderflex Studio.

Simple basic rules allow you to quickly get into the game, while the game mechanics ensure a profound and extremely exciting gameplay.

It will be published at the end of September 2023 by HeidelBÄRen in German and English. Game for two includes: 1 game board, 4 card expansions, 60 character cards (20 from each era (Ancient Egypt, Dark Middle Ages, 80s)), 4 overview sheets, 1 metal coin, 1 VP stand and 1 set of game rules.




Important message for time travelers. As stated in our article on 01.06. announced, will be published on Sept. 30. with us HeidelBÄRen in German and in English (Europe). Thus, the connoisseur game for two people is released in time for Spiel’23.

At the fair you will have the opportunity to have the game explained to you and to play it. The box of the game has also changed a bit in the meantime.

Not out of time is the continuation of the cooperation between Heidelbär Games and Trees for the Future – which they currently support with all new products. The competent partner in terms of sustainable commitment they support from the heart now also with the sales of Time Division.

Through this for each sold game of Time Division a tree is planted!
More info on Trees for the Future:


Time Division

No one knows when or how it happened, but suddenly two timelines had merged into one and two time agencies existed. One thing is clear: both agencies know that their time is limited. All they do is make a power play for control of the shared timeline.

When the big regulation rolls in, only one agency will be left.

The other will pass in the flow of time. Time researchers have identified several critical moments in the common timeline that could prove decisive. Influencing key figures of these ages could be the way to rule the entire timeline!

Time Division is a time travel duel for two people in which you try to control the time nodes to survive in time. The 2 person connoisseur game offers three playable decks with different difficulties. Decide for yourself which era you want to play or play the campaign and see which time agency still exists after three games.


Each game begins with a drafting phase in which the decks of the two people are formed. Then one card is played in each round. The person whose card has the higher influence gets to decide how the two cards should then be used.

Each card can be used as an influence card or an action card. However, the two cards must be used differently. So think carefully about how you want to use which card so that you have the most influence at the end of the game and win the game.

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