12. July 2018 Ubiquiti / VARIA

The new firmware for AF-5XHD has been completed and both sales and delivery by UBIQUITI can now continue.

Ubiquiti stopped selling the devices on April 6, 2018, citing a delay in completing an important firmware update as the reason.

If you are already using devices of the AF-5XHD, check the firmware immediately and, if necessary, update to the latest version FW V1.1.1.

The current firmware can be downloaded directly from the manufacturer here:

[button text=”Zum Produkt” link=”https://de.varia-store.com/produkt/32454-ubiquiti-af-5xhd-airfiber-5xhd-5-ghz-traeger-funkmodul-mit-ltu-tm-technologie.html” style=”info” size=”normal” target=”_blank” display=”inline” icon=”info-sign”]

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or assistance in implementing the important updates.

We will be happy to call you back if you have any further questions about the firmware update.
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